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Poster of Busto Arsizio 1918 Army airfield
Carlino on Caproni Field 1955
Exibition in Busto Arsizio 1984
Textile Exibition Center
The date of birth of model aircraft passion in Busto Arsizio was 1938, thanks to Eng. Guidi and Messrs. Croci and Cibene (owners of the MICROMOTOR Company which produced airmodel engines). Ten years later in 1948 Messrs. Franco Gallazzi, Carlo Ottolini and Lanfranco Pozzi joined the club, organizing a model aircraft course in S. Edward's church youth club center. In 1957 they established a sport association for model aircraft called G.A.B.
"Gruppo Aeromodellisti Bustesi".
The availability of means were very poor at that time, but the enthusiasm to let a small self-made plane fly up in the sky was enough to get over all walls and thousands of difficulties. The leader of this handful of young men was Carlo Rabolini, who was able to enlarge and expand interest in model aircraft inside and outside the town borders. Unfortunately, Carlo lost his son Gian Piero, who was a member of the model aircraft group, during an aeronautical show on Vergiate airfield on 8th May 1959. To remember that tragic loss, Carlo requested the name of the group be changed to ''Gruppo Aeromodellisti Bustesi G.P. Rabolini''.
In 1962 GAB built its first flight
runway on a public field close to Ugo Mara army base in Solbiate Olona, which gave the necessary authorizations. Over the years GAB, despite personal sacrifices and financial hardships, not only enlarged their first runway, but also built up some others; one 60 meters long by 15 meters width for radio remote control models, one asphalt circle with a diameter of 44 meters by 4 meters width surrounded by a safety fence for control line models, and a third runway of grass used for combat models. All of them had water and other various services which encouraged friendship, not only among the club members but also among their families and the spectators.
For thirty years these runways saw pilots of all categories compete for national and international titles. We must not forget the air shows which aroused appreciation and admiration of people when life-like scale model aircraft and helicopters, and graceful stunt acrobats kept more than 5000 spectators looking skyward.
These air shows not only promoted the model aircraft sport, but also brought solidarity to many less-than-fortunate people. We are proud that the receipts of many air shows were turned over to handicapped citizens in 1977, to victims of an earthquake in 1978, and to city schools in 1985, to mention some of them.
Unfortunately in 1990 the cooperation with the army stopped and GAB was compelled to find another solution to allow club members to continue with the flights of their models. No one lost his courage and everyone turned up their sleeves, which allowed the radio remote control model runway to be finished in 1991 south of Busto Arsizio, in the territory of the town of Buscate, immersed in the green of the moorland.
The second runway there was finished in the spring of 1997 after a delay of 6 years because it was not easy to find a field suitable for flights of aircraft models reaching speeds over 300 Km/hour. After great efforts the runway was finally built on an old branch arm of the military airport of Malpensa. Only a small fragment of this airport, built by the German Army in 1940, remained , but GAB was able to restore it and today it is considered to be a historical monument.
Various categories are practiced by the GAB club members, from beginners to experts in remote control models, including a few world famous pilots in control line. However, it is the common passion and the enthusiasm which bring us back to our childhood ages and increase the club membership year after year.
There are generally two ways to practice this sport: control line, called VVC (in Italian) or C/L (in English) and radio-remote control flight abbreviated R/C. VVC or C/L models are divided into four official categories recognized by the International Aeronautic Federation F.A.I. They are
F2A-speed, F2B-stunt, F2C-Team Racing, and F2D-Combat. In addition, there are amateur categories with various models such as Fun or Sportier which consist of model reproductions, school models, Goodyear racing or whatever can be flown linked to two steel wires and a handle.
The R/C category controls models through radio equipment, where the pilot can control different functions on his model such as engine power, movable flaps, air brakes, retractable landing gear, and whatever else can be useful for the model to fly in the sky. Remote control includes models with and without engines. R/C models are also in various categories recognized by the F.A.I. The most spectacular and the most popular (The Queen), is
We must not forget the Maxi, the Gliders, the Pylon Racing, the Replica or the
Fun Fly models, which can intrigue thanks to their particular features. Today G.A.B. counts over 80 club members, 30% in C/L and 70% R/C. All of them are always looking for new frontiers to be crossed, with respect for safety rules, the environment and having a civil life.
Oops-I almost forgot! There were and are so many champions of different categories among the GAB club members.
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By Ettore Ferrario
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Mauro Crespi Malpensa Airport 1965
Contest "Coupe d'Ivere" on Mottarone mountain1968
Elastic Models on Caproni Field 1949
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GAB's archives photo
GAB's archives photo
GAB's archives photo
Stukas at Malpensa airfield 1943
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