Feb 22 2004

MM Split-RIIA Low Voltage Balanced Phono Preamp

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Feb. 21 2004

MC Transconductor Split-RIIA Low Voltage Preamplifier

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Dec 12 2003

Do we need another SPICE?

a SwitcherCAD III Evaluation for Audio

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Dec 11 2003

Bridge Circuits

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October 2003

PCB for the Battery MM Phono Preamp has been finalized!!




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9th September 2003

6C45-PE in low-voltage mode

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15 January 2003

Article added in the AudioXpress  January 2003

The LP Terminator - Engineer's Calculation for improved LP reproduction - by Raymon A. Futrell

The DR15A Horn- by Bill Fitzmaurice

Direct Heaters - A guided tour by Mark Kelly

The Zero Autoformer -
by Paul Speltz

High Gm smart power tubes - Third Part: Practical Applications by Stefano Perugini



03 December 2002

Article added in the AudioXpress  December 2002

Don't miss Nelson Pass' "Zen Variations Part 4: The Penultimate Zen"

Norm Thagard continues with the second part of his article on a 100W/Channel AB differential input amplifier.

Build an "against the wall" speaker by John Mattern.

Learn to design second-order crossovers by John Kerskovsky.

Tom Perazella examines Thagard's power supply design.

Revisit the 6C33C-B push-pull power amplifier as Daniel David improves on his original design.

A second look at High Gm smart power tubes.


24th November 2002

Is the GOMEZ  a worthy alternative to SRPP?

The answer in the Design Techniques Section

Nov 2002

Consulting Services Activated!!

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20th November 2002

Capacitorless Inductive RIAA/IEC Network Introduced!!

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Oct 2002

Article added in the AudioXpress  November 2002

Norm Thagard presents a 100W/Channel AB differential input amplifier in the first part of this article.

An easy-to-build low-voltage tube hybird headphone/line amp--it's a good introduction to tubes.

A speaker-restoration project brings new life to a drum-head midrange.

Cornelius Morton helps take the guesswork out of complicated network crossover design.

Speaker expert, Dick Pierce, examines the best approach to take in connecting two speakers in his article, "Damping Loudspeakers in Series"

A look at the future in audio amplification with "Vacuum Tubes Again in Nanotube MEMS."

Working with TODAY's High  gm Tubes by PERUGINI Part 1


May 2002

Article added in the AudioXpress 2002 Glass Audio Special

Glass Audio Project Book
from Audio Amateur Inc.

All-New collection of never before published articles on vacuum tube audio equipment. 12 construction articles including modifications and new designs of tube equipment. These articles contain parts lists, sources, construction details-everything you need to be able to construct these projects. An extensive resource section of advertisers provides sourcing for everything you need to build these and any other vacuum tube audio projects. Articles from some of your favorites including John Stewart, Joseph Norwood Still, Stefano Perugini, and others.

2002, 8" 10", softbound,
ISBN 1-882580-39-7. Shipping Wt: 1 lb.


March 1st 2002

Net-Broached Threads on PAEng concepts.....click here


December 16th 2001

The Tweakable DAC List for Transformer Coupled Output Stages in the Magnetics Section


October 15th 2001

An unique Dual Mono Single Ended 211-based Amplifier  will appear on project section