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Phil Ackrill AKA Faul ( Faux Paul McCartney ) is naked!
Phil Ackrill reborn as Faul ( Faux Paul McCartney )
(from the "White Album" poster)

 Phil Ackrill AKA Faul ( Faux Paul McCartney ) from the Anthology Collection  Phil Ackrill AKA Faul ( Faux Paul McCartney ) from the Beatles Album 1 Phil Ackrill AKA Faul ( Faux Paul McCartney ) from 'Spies Like Us' 45 rpm cover
Faul ( Faux Paul McCartney ) AKA Phil Ackrill
(on the left) on 1966 from the Anthology Collection on 1985 from the "Spies Like Us" 45rpm cover (on the right)
on 1967 from the Beatles album "1"

The slides shown here are made under the text directions (see below).

This is the same method used for legal recognition of a corpse.
When comparing photos of the same person using a fixed distance (such as nose base - eyes line), the rest of the face (e.g. eyes distance or overall skull shape etc... ) MUST NOT CHANGE!

This analysis has full legal value.

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Paul McCartney face comparison: Butcher Album on With The Beatles
Paul McCartney face comparison: Sgt. Pepper on Butcher Album Paul McCartney face comparison: Spies Like Us on Butcher Album
Paul McCartney face comparison: White Album Poster photo on Sgt. Pepper Paul McCartney face comparison: Spies Like Us on Sgt. Pepper
Paul McCartney face comparison: White Album Poster photo on Phil Ackrill AKA Faul ( Faux Paul McCartney ) 2001

These comparisons are based on the last photo of James Paul McCartney (1966), and the various photos of Phil Ackrill AKA Faul, or Faux Paul McCartney or...etc...
The photo of Faul soon after the very first round of plastic surgery and make-up is at the bottom left of the White Album poster.

Click on the picture to see the original document
Click on the picture to see the original document Click on the picture to see the original document Click on the picture to see the original document
Click here to see the comparison between Paul and Faul faces
(For those who still don't understand, this is the REAL, the TRUE, the ONE and ONLY James Paul McCartney)

Sunday 11th September 1966, Evening

Paul was returning from his trip in good spirits, planning to arrive at Ringo's house that night with two girls.
It had been a wonderful time.
After a period of turmoil, everything seemed to be returning back to a normal routine.

The storm in the world against the Beatles, instigated by John's notorious comments to the press and stirred by further controversy over the "butcher" album cover, seemed to have finally calmed.
Paul had recently had a sudden burst of extraordinary creativity over a very short period of time, perhaps as a reaction to all that had happened.

One of the last official photos of "THE BEATLES"

It had been a typically seasonal rainy day.
At a semaphore crossing a van suddenly cut across the street, blocking the car Paul was in.
The car didn't quite stop in time and hit the van, but not seriously enough to do any real damage.
During the crash Paul lost his top-wig.

Paul telephoned Ringo to tell him what had happened and that he would be with him in an hour or two.
Ringo thought it was just one of those jokes that Paul usually pulled.
Soon after the telephone call the police arrived and Paul decided to get a taxi home.

The next morning, seeing that Paul had not returned home, Ringo tried to call him but strangely he couldn't get in touch with him.
We retraced his steps through our common friends but nobody had seen or heard from him.
We were on the telephone all day.

On Thursday of the same week, a friend of Ringo called to say that people he knew had seen Paul in France.
We flew to Paris but Paul was no longer in the place where he was seen before.
As more days passed, our apprehension grew.

The hill: the place where Paul was found
(a frame from the "Magical Mystery Tour" Film)

A call was received from a girl, that days before, had found Paul near her house, wandering along a hill in a confused state with a damaged leg but without documents and money.

Brian Epstein went to retrieve Paul and on Sunday they started their trip to return home.
But from that day we heard no more news about them for days.

It was very early in the Wednesday morning of the week after we received the call, but not the one we had been waiting for.
We were called out to identify Paul's body, found on a beach near Outreau, North France.

The beach at Outreau - North France A frame from Magical Mystery Tour Film
The beach at Outreau -North France-
The place where Paul's body was found
(a frame from the "Magical Mystery Tour" Film)

With his feet just below his knees as a result of a fall from a great altitude.

He was in a ghastly state.
His lips looked as if they had been heavily damaged.
The left side of his face had been ripped to pieces and the whole of his right ear had been bitten off.

When we arrived there was a line of police officers blocking us while a crowd of men in medical uniforms were retrieving material for further investigation.
They were so oblivious to the grief we felt that one of them had the audacity to exclaim right in front of Paul's body: "Look ...it seems like a walrus!"

The head of the poor Paul McCartney
The head of the poor Paul McCartney
(a frame from the "Free as a bird" video)

Well, with his teeth hanging outside of his eaten-up lips and with a shiny swollen ear and dripping wet he really did look like a walrus.
John confronted the man who had spoken so insensitively and they began to brawl.
He had to be pulled away as he howled:

"I.., I am the walrus ..not him (Paul), I.., I am the walrus!"

Brian was still in the plane when it went into the sea.

We were desperately aware that THE BEATLES were finished.
We were in total despair for two days.
But our anger made us think: we would not stop, we would not give up.

Paul had left a lot of material that was yet to be published.
We had a meeting, and agreed, nobody had to know what happened and Paul and Brian could still be kept alive.
The only question was how.

It was confirmed once again to the press that the Beatles wished to stop touring and work only in the recording studio to give us a bit of breathing space.

A friend of Ringo suggested a solution which could be made possible through the intelligence service department:
they had expert cosmetic surgeons and make-up artists at their disposal who could recreate perfect doubles in their secret labs...but in exchange for their help we had to keep quiet about what had happened.

The penalty for refusing to remain silent was death.
They found a look-alike for Brian, the S.O.E. agent Maurice Buckmaster, and they introduced us to a few contenders for Paul but the main problem was to find one with the most similar voice possible.

Maurice Buckmaster performed Faux-Brian Epstein
One of the replacements of Brian Epstein: Maurice Buckmaster

We had already checked out a number of imitators, of which there were many at the time, in order to find one with a face compatible with Paul's.
There was a guy already working with us that was able to imitate Paul's voice in a cogent manner and his face as presented was wonderfully compatible in regards to his profile elements displacement and to jawbone shape, two key factors in determining the correct candidate that the cosmetic surgeons could use.

Phil Ackrill
The photo of Phil Ackrill AKA Faul ( Faux Paul McCartney ) before plastic surgery

His name was Phil Ackrill.
Previously he was with "The Diplomats Band" where he was a friend of Denny Laine

Phil Ackrill AKA Faul ( Faux Paul McCartney ) performing Vivian Stanshall on MMT film
Phil Ackrill AKA Faul ( Faux Paul McCartney ) with his natural blue-green eyes performing Vivian Stanshall
(a frame from the "Magical Mystery Tour" Film)

Phil liked to sing and knew how to play a bit on the piano and on drums.
He had a beautiful voice but the quality of his Paul singing voice imitation needed work.
We decided to use a different voice imitator to complete the songs for the album we were working on, so it could be released quickly in order to divert the suspicions and rumors that had begun to hound us.

The photo of Phil Ackrill AKA Faul ( Faux Paul McCartney ) during a make-up session
The photo of Phil Ackrill AKA Faul ( Faux Paul McCartney ) during a make-up session.
(from the "White Album" poster)

But there were a number of differences:

Paul had a round face
Phil had a dug face
Paul was brown haired
Phil was red/blonde haired
Paul was long-sighted
Phil was short-sighted
Paul had hair that naturally went from left to right
Phil impersonating Paul had hair that went from right to left
Paul was left handed
Phil was right handed.

Phil Ackrill AKA Faul ( Faux Paul McCartney ) before after Phil Ackrill AKA Faul ( Faux Paul McCartney ) before after
The solution was Phil Ackrill!

The English Government decided to dedicate the people of Special Operations Executive ( S.O.E. ), an old division of the Intelligence Service to manage the entire matter.
And so, Phil became a Sergeant as he was required to be under military oath.

THE Phil Ackrill AKA Faul ( Faux Paul McCartney ) STORY
From The Diplomats to The Beatles: THE Phil Ackrill AKA Faul ( Faux Paul McCartney ) STORY

In an irony of fate the "substitutes" had inverted heights:
The substitute of Paul was taller and the counterpart of Brian was smaller. For this, they suggested tricks that we were to use when we were filmed together.

In the meantime the record corporation, not knowing if the operation would be successful or not, decided to hurriedly release a Xmas album of old songs of the Beatles.
There was no photo on the cover, instead, an allegoric drawing which tells the entering of Phil from the Bonzos Dogs Band to the Beatles.
With this cover began the "hidden clues".

A Collection Of Beatles OLDIES but GOLDIES!
Phil's allegory on "A Collection Of Beatles OLDIES but GOLDIES!"

After plastic surgery John gave Phil the nickname of "Faul" which means Faux Paul or only Faul(t).

So our goodbye to Paul was "All you need is love" with the French national anthem at the start.

"Sgt.Pepper" was the first album with the photos of Faul, but they needed to be retouched.
This album cover is full of messages.
Many of those that you have discovered are true, others are not, others have been badly interpreted.
One of the most important is "Welcome The Rolling Stones" written with blood.

We hadn't had news about who it was that had killed Paul and John was sure that the Rolling Stones were involved as they were well-known as delinquents.
The crowd is made up of the people that Paul would have wanted at his funeral.

The following facts are true:
In the lowest row of flowers the word "Paul?" is written.
The goddess Shiva - not Kali! - indicates the old and new Paul - Alpha and Omega -
"BE AT LES o(utreau)" should be taken special note of - They lie at Outreau.

The band had its name changed; we were no longer called "THE BEATLES" but only "Beatles".
Most effectively in the bass drum there are mirrored words:


The famous Sgt.Pepper bass drum words
The famous Sgt.Pepper bass drum words
( from the front cover of "Sgt. Pepper" Album )

The references found by fans on the back cover are all correct; it is also true that the photo has been taken with the text printed on a transparent sheet as a target.
George points out the last completed song sung by Paul: "She's Leaving Home".

Phil has a wider mouth in comparison to Paul: it was decided that he would wear a moustache to cover the sides of his mouth.
To confuse the issue we all grew beards and mustaches so we would all seem "a bit older".

Phil Ackrill AKA Faul ( Faux Paul McCartney ) before after
Phil Ackrill with different make-ups

Faul, after the first great plastic surgery operation where the fat on his face was removed and his teeth all pulled out to be replaced, had to endure other plastic surgery sessions with some improvement although the result still wasn't perfect.
The surgeons altered his mouth again, his chin was fully rebuilt, his nose was made shorter, even his hands and parts of his body were reshaped and the eyelids, the cheeks and the chin had to be increased at first with gelatine-based make-up then later with time-limited under-skin filler injections when we were in public or when any photos were taken to replicate Paul's face with accuracy.
Faul wore contact lenses to darken his natural blue/green color eyes.
They were quite discreet but someone noticed that something was wrong: the surgeons were not able to properly duplicate the cleft chin that Paul had.
The work was completed by the excellent make-up artist Freddie Williamson.

Phil Ackrill AKA Faul ( Faux Paul McCartney ) on Magical Mystery Tour Bus How to become Faul stages Phil Ackrill AKA Faul ( Faux Paul McCartney ) with Faux-Paul make-up at airport on 1967
Phil Ackrill AKA Faul ( Faux Paul McCartney ): How to become Faul with a make-up
(a frame from the "Magical Mystery Tour" Film)

Faul needed to wear make-up prostheses to change his ear positions and reproduce Paul's typical nose tip.

Faul having underskin filler problem on 'Revolution' video
Faul having cheeks filler problem on "Revolution" video

Faul wearing evident fake nose tip on 'Another Day' 45 rpm front cover
Faul wearing evident fake nose tip on "Another Day" 45 rpm front cover

Faul talking to George Martin on fall 1966 Faul on LSD and Journalism interview June 19th 1967
The photos of Faul before and after according with the make-up evolution

In spite of these operations traces of the old scar can still be seen on Faul's chin, along with ears which were oriented differently and mainly on the base of his nose that was reduced in lenght: now Faul's is smaller but is not shaped the same yet.

But above all the distance between the eyes is completely different: Paul's were much wider.
This is the main reason why many photos were retouched.

Faul-James Paul McCartney nose comparison
"...Faul has a smaller nose with a different shape..."
(Faul's profile from Magical Mystery Tour film frame Paul's profile from "Michelle" 45 rpm front cover)

Paul/Faul ear lobe comparison
"Faul's ear lobe is completely different from Paul's"

Click here to see animated images overlay
"...but above all the distance between the eyes is completely different: Paul's were much wider..."

Phil with the Bonzo Dogs Band (on the left) and Phil with the Beatles (on the right)


Faul slowly learned to play left handed and to sing better.

Phil Ackrill AKA Faul ( Faux Paul McCartney ) and Dino Danelli
Phil Ackrill performing faux Paul McCarteny with Dino Danelli
( from the "White Album" poster )

The counterpart of Brian could not hold up the role for very long: we had to get him out of the picture as quickly as possible while we worked on the legal aspects of how to manage the musical material that Paul had left to us.
And so Apple was born.
Here also John wanted to leave a strong reference to Paul: for "Apple Corp Ltd" read "A Paul Corp Ltd".

The trip in India was our attempt to put Paul's soul into Faul's body but of course it didn't succeed.
Yes, I know, it was a crazy idea, but we were almost going out of our heads with grief.

After some time we discovered that it was Brian and NOT Paul who was the main target of the killers.

The game was initially liked by John but as time went by the memory of Paul replaced his idea to not let the Beatles die or allow those who had killed Brian and Paul to win.
Without our knowing it, he inserted phrases into the tracks which whispered the truth.
He risked wrecking everything but the phrases were replaced in the next copies of the albums.

In spite of this John succeeded with a maximum amount of astuteness to publish the "White Album" poster which actually is the "White Book" of the whole matter.

When the material left by Paul was all published John found no reason to continue the Beatles, but he didn't want them to fold completely until he had inserted all the clues in the songs so that everything that had happened could be reconstructed.

The end of Faul's role was supposed to coincide with the end of the Beatles but Faul didn't respect the contract that had been made and, feeling he would be strongly protected by the secret service, published his first solo album which had actually been prepared by other musicians.

So we were tempted in the last album to reveal the truth but corporate managers and lawyers prevented it.

After the Beatles' broke up, John went to America to find Brian's killers.
During the second half of 1967 he had discovered they were members of the KKK.
After years of personal investigation John was getting close, very close to the truth.
He left Yoko and a few months later he was assassinated because he had requested not to have daily bodyguards with him anymore.

At last The Friends were together again forever.

Paul & John

In spite of his betrayal, we should give Faul an immense "thank you" however.
Thanks to him because above all he sacrificed his life for the Beatles; and also he helped prevent those fans who, if they had heard of Paul's death, would've killed themselves.

While this ruse has been financially successful to him, he has felt out of place quite a bit and, let the truth be known, many clues have actually been inserted by him!
Unfortunately, after the Beatles, he merely became a puppet in Linda's hands because she wanted to become a rockstar at any cost.
But in the end, despite it all, he became a very small McCartney or perhaps slightly better than small.

He wrote "McCartney the Second" on one of his album covers.

Dedicated to all those that helped keep this story alive until today.


On January 1964 James Paul McCartney met Sylvie Vartan.
During 1966 Sylvie Vartan was replaced too.

James Paul McCartney official fiancee was made aware of the true facts of the case and an annuity was given in recognition to her.

Phil Ackril also continued to impersonate Vivian Stanshall until 1995.

Phil Ackrill made-up to become Vivian Stanshall

Sean Lennon said "My father was assassinated by an FBI-CIA connection".

Yoko Ono is a spy of the foreign office. She was part of John Lennon's assassination.

In memory of all the people involved and replaced in this story: Sylvie Paul Brian Marianne Marisa Eric Brian Tara Maggie Luigi Mal John Dalida Linda and all at number 9


From a Beatles Interview 1992

John Lennon James Paul McCartney Sylvie Vartan


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