NOTE: This does not work starting from Opera 9.50. I hope this will be solved soon, but I think the best solution is to VOTE for built-in sticky notes in Opera. So go VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

Thanks to the fine cross-browser "Little Yellow Stickies" javascript code of Brian McAllister, the great power of the Opera browser, plus some modifications, improvements, integration in Opera and documentation by me, we can now enjoy a nice and useful tool: sticky-notes on web pages. a nutshell:

This UserJS is not the same thing of a sticky-note widget for Opera, I can say this is something better and you will understand why by going into the trouble of setting this up and giving it a try. I'm sorry the setup process is not very simple for beginner users, but I've tried to be as clear as possible in the explanation.
If you have no time to go through this entire page and you are a power Opera user who already knows what to do when coming to customization stuff, here it is everything you need, in a nutshell:

Let's go slower now

Sticky-notes can be added anywhere on any page, resized, moved and removed: informations are saved into cookies, so every time a page is reopened (if the cookies have not been deleted of course) the stickies are there where left last time, reminding whatever you wrote...
Always an eventual fragment identifier (the part of the url following a "#") is ignored; you can also choose to attach the sticky to the page without parameters (that is, the part of the url following a "?" will be ignored), or to the entire domain.
Try clicking this, and see if you like the idea:  (sorry, the demo worked before without "installation" but I think I've broken something with successive mods: I'll find the time to fix it, meanwhile follow the installation instructions to see the thing working in Opera. By the way, if you have an already configured user-scripts folder, I suppose you can quickly have a try copying these two files into it and hitting the button below: stickies.js - stickies_pwd.js)

Type something in, move it around, resize it, make another one... and when you've played enough hit Ctrl-F4 to close this page: oh, then come back please! (hit Ctrl-Z)
If you have cookies enabled, you should see your stickies where you left them ;)


The sticky note information is stored in cookies, and as a result, will be sent to the server each time you request a page. To protect your privacy, by default the stickies are stored encrypted (this not applies if the sticky is created under localhost).
Please consider that with encryption the cookie size grows, and the specification restricts to about 3 KB the maximum size of total cookie data per page. Anyway the encryption can be selectively turned off when you don't care to send to the server the content written in the sticky (see the "help sticky").

Known bugs

You cannot attach stickies into Gmail because they have been disabled there, otherwise the userjs would hang the interface loading. If someone figures out how to fix that, let me know.

Really simple setup steps

Nice? Ok, follow these steps and you'll have a cookie-based sticky-notes system for the Opera browser in less than ten minutes. If it happens that you don't know Opera, I argue that probably you've not tried it... well, just download and install: it's absolutely free!


v1.12 (9 September, 2006):
updated: "stickies.js" file.
  • Disabled in to let Google Calendar work (of course stickies will not work there)

v1.11 (25 July, 2006):
updated: "stickies.js" file.
  • Bug fix: editing a new sticky clears the default content, don't know when I've broken it.
  • section " a nutshell:" added to this document.
  • TIP #3 added to this document.
  • added "Receive email when this page changes" link to this document through the service.

v1.10 (20 July, 2006):
updated: "stickies.js" file.
  • Disabled in to let Gmail work (of course stickies will not work there)

v1.9 (12 June, 2006):
updated: "stickies.js" file.
  • Removed the limit for text displayed in the stickies (full text is displayed, no more "...")

v1.8 (1 November, 2005):
updated: "stickies.js" file.
  • Stickies created on localhost are not encrypted.

v1.7 (1 November, 2005):
updated: "stickies.js" file.
added: "stickies_pwd.js" file.
  • Sticky's content transparent encryption/decryption, disabled if wanted.
  • Small bug fix related to -p and -d parameters.
  • Content added to the help-sticky.

v1.6 (27 October, 2005):
updated: "stickies.js" file.
updated: user stylesheet.
  • Fragment identifiers in the url are always ignored.
  • Used setAttribute() method to force styling of some elements.
  • User stylesheet cleaned from unused stuff.
  • User javascript cleaned from unused stuff.

v1.5 (17 October, 2005):
updated: "stickies.js" file.
  • Bug fix: multiple parameters can be specified.

v1.4 (16 October, 2005):
updated: "stickies.js" file.
  • Interaction is as unobtrusive as possible by default.
  • Command-line parameters support.
  • Temporary stickies.
  • Defaults to click'n'edit, switch for clickable links.
  • Domain-wide stickies always appear on top of visible area.
  • Stick-on-top switch.
  • Defaults to click'n'remove, switch for confirmation dialog.
  • Temporary help-sticky with list of supported parameters.

v1.3 (14 October, 2005):
updated: "stickies.js" file.
  • Editing is activated by doubleclick in the sticky.
  • HTML tags are allowed and rendered.
  • TIP #2 added to this document.

v1.2 (13 October, 2005):
updated: "stickies.js" file.
  • Stickies cannot go out of screen anymore.
  • Switches support to specify if stickies have to be attached to the unparametrized page, or to the domain, or to the exact url.

v1.1 (12 October, 2005):
updated: toolbar ini file, menu ini file, setup steps.
  • Fixed "Reuse existing page off" bug.

v1.0 (10 October, 2005): First version.

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