Glen Reaves
Of Gene West,I.P. USAF Retired.

Here's a story from David Bashow's book on the CF-104:

"Along with a considerable number and variety of formal instructional duties, 417 [Squadron] 'staffers' occasionally performed a number of other diverse flying activities, such as ferrying various dignitaries to CFB Cold Lake for sundry purposes. Ray Dunsdon vividly recalls one such event, when he and Al French were tasked to bring the legendary Lockheed F-104 test pilots Glen 'Snake' Reaves and Tony LeVier from the Palmdale facility to Cold Lake for the ten-year CF-104 reunion in 1972. Ray would probably have been more appreciative of Snake's flying skills had he not been so preoccupied with viewing his life flashing in front of his eyes...

"Al French and I flew two duals to Palmdale, and brought back Snake Reaves and Tony LeVier. Tony hadn't flown a CF-104 for over seven years; Snake only flew to put on his five-minute demo. At any rate, Snake and Tony did all the flying on the way back to Cold Lake. The formation takeoffs, etc. were terrifying, and when we arrived at Cold Lake, Tony and Al landed. I advised Snake that he was cleared to do his show. He started the display 20 feet above the end of the runway, 420 knots, 10--20 degrees nose up, and then performed an 8-point roll. I was sure we were dead, but I couldn't bail out inverted that low. He completed a perfect 8-point roll and levelled out at 420 knots, 20 feet above the runway. As the time was close to 6:00 p.m., most people had moved to the Mess. I pointed out its location and Snake flew by at about 20 feet. I was happily waving at friends on the front balcony when he started a series of snap rolls; about four, I think. Then for his landing, he was into stick shaker all the way around final turn, pulled the 'chute 20 feet in the air, landed and turned off the runway in less than 1000 feet, as smooth as silk!"

Jeff Rankin-Lowe

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