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Up to its disbandment, December 2002, the 14th Squadron FBA (Fighter-Bomber-Attack) was part of the 2nd Fighter Wing, one of the oldest unit of the Italian Air Force. This Wing is dedicated to Cap. Mario D'Agostini, (pilot of the 8th Squadron during WWII, died in North Africa in 1942 and awarded with the Gold Medal of the Air Force), and was located, since 1993 at Rivolto air base, after being based at Treviso S. Angelo Air Base for thirty years. This Unit was employed in the double role of ground attack and reconnaissance, and, in detail:

Nibbio 01 - Special Color 10000 Flight Hours

The last aircraft of the 14th Squadron (“Kites”) was the the AMX "Gibleh" lightweight fighter-bomber and was constantly busy in a demanding training activity in order to obtain and keep a NATO-standard Combat Readiness.
The Unit used to carry out, on a daily basis, the following training activity:

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The 14th Squadron was assisted by the 402nd Technical Support Squadron, the 502nd Logistic Support Squadron, the 602nd Flight (Transport) and the Defense Group. The first one assures the efficiency of telecommunication equipments, air navigation aids, Precision Approaching Radar and provides weather forecasts facilities, Air Traffic Control, and maintenance for the aircraft of the 602nd Flight. The second one is responsible for maintaining all the buildings and installations of the air base, provides a road transport Service, fire-fighting Service and a Health Service. The 602nd Flight (Transport) performs transport of personnel and not voluminous supplies using the SIAI S208M. The Defense Group guards and protects the air base installations and manages the AAA and SAM sites ("Spada" Short Range Air Defense System).