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N e l l a   A n f u s o   -   V e n i t e   v i d e t e   -   C l a u d i o   M o n t e v e r d i   -   M o t t e t t i



Nouveauté - Nella Anfuso - La grande Prêtresse du Chant Italien - Révèle le Monteverdi de la Légende





Nella Anfuso   Contralto e Soprano

Roberto Pichini  Organo (Artimino XVII sec.)

Giovanna Franzoni  Organo (Pesaro 1631)

   1. Nigra sum                                                                      [4'32"]

   2. Salve Regina                                                             [4'35"]

   3. Exulta Filia Sion                                                 [6'45"]

   4. Ego flos campi                                                        [4'01"]

   5. Ecce sacrum paratum                                [6'06"]

   6. Currite populi                                                         [4'44"]

   7. O quam pulchra                                                   [5'13"]

   8. Salve Regina                                                             [4'35"]

   9. Laudate Dominum                                          [5'37"]

   10. Venite videte                                                           [6'14"]

   11. Jubilet  "a voce sola in dialogo"                                  [4'35"]

This record serves as a valuable testimony to the culture of the vocal art in Italy in the realm of sacred music, and is centred round the passionate declamation of Monteverdi. The present interpretation highlights again the joint aesthetic and technical characteristics of the early Italian school of singing. It necessary to provide these details on the sleeves notes of this recording of sacred music in order to approach this beautiful music by means of the interpretation of Nella ANFUSO, guiding us to the splendours of the high Italian school of singing, the same art which was that of Vittoria Archilei at the court of the Medici in Tuscany; of Leonora Baroni, daughter of Adriana Basile (who was so admired by Monteverdi at the court of Mantua); of Margherita, daughter of Francesca Caccini. A veritable hymn to vocal beauty.

Prof. Annibale Gianuario






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