You've just entered arguably one of the least useful websites around. This almost entirely black and white amount of binary junk is the direct consequence of some time spent with some html editor after several hours of kickass maths exercises, which, combined with prolonged lack of sleep, kept producing the same effects as a modest amount of hallucinogens. No shit.
Since you're reading this crap, I must assume you're sadly running out of reasons to live. These pages are unlikely to be found even through the most reliable search engine, how the hell did you manage to get here? You definitely must have spent a whole lot of time typing random addresses in your browser. Maybe you clicked a link in someone's signature in some public forum but, again, I can think of a lot better things to do than wasting time reading such nonsense as most signatures turn out to be. Browse on, if you really wish, but my advice is still to go and get yourself something way more uplifting to do, like chewing eleven bubble gums at a time, or flying a kite through a rainstorm. Smoking sage wisdom in the middle of a sandstorm in Lignano could also be an option.