History of our Breeding


It was in 1988 when the first Pyrenean Mountain Dog entered into my life.

  My wish to have a dog of my own was big.

In the past I had grown in companionship with three wonderful Scottish Shepherd dogs (Collies)

that I’ll never forget:  Laika, Heily and Blue Clarissa.

So my first Pyrenean Mountain Dog, a female with a thick wooly coat,

came to me at two months of age.

She was born in Italy and her name was Nefertiti.

She has been my playmate, my companion

during long walks in the mountains, my companion in happy moments.

  Nefertiti possessed a strong and dominant temperament

but she was very sweet and loyal with her family.

    At  four years of age she had her first litter of nine puppies. 

This event was an important experience for her and me.

She grew in love from taking care of her sons.

I was there to lend a hand, and I learned more about breeding.

  Soon, I decided to search for a companion for Nefertiti;

one that if possible could come from the Pyrénées, the origin place of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog.

I visited many Kennels and saw many different puppies. 

Finally, I made my decision for Hamlet du Pic de Marboré (“Navarre”).

  I fell  in love with Navarre (I also called him “Tout Petit”).

He was a wonderful dog and possessed some very special and rare qualities.

His  temperament was very sweet, balanced, 

and  especially endowed with intelligence.

He had a nice head  and rare markings of “arrouye” (rust) color on his ears and body.

Arrouye is a color almost not found on the Pyrenees nowadays.

Navarre’s place of origin is in the heart of the Pyrénées mountains,

near the Col du Tourmalet where his ancestors lived free on the plateaux,

protecting the sheep and their home.

 Soon there arrived in my home a French rustic female puppy

with the name “Honfleur du Duché de Savoy”.

She was a puppy “full of pep”, lively, very independent, strong, 

and with nice blonde/ sand-colored markings on her body.

Honfleur conquered me with her extreme kindness, joy of living,

goodness of heart, and rustic looks. 

She was a true “Lady of the mountains”.

I enjoyed many unforgettable days with my Pyrenees.

  Nefertiti lived  a little time longer with her two young companions.

Due to an illness she soon passed away.

Her loss brought me much suffering,

but Navarre  and Honfleur helped me to get over those moments. I had to go on…

Amidst dog shows, and my searching and studying of the breed,

the idea came to me of creating a little Kennel.

I began to search for another male puppy in France.

I soon found a very special one.  His name was  “Highlander de Gabizos”. 

I fell in love with his sweetness, with his special expression, 

and with his very deep and bright eyes.

  With  his strong structure, small oblique eyes,

and very thick coat he appeared to be a bear.

Highlander ( “Cipo”), came from the South Pyrénées

and he possessed the most precious origins.

In 1994, there arrived “J’Fabliau du Duché de Savoy”, half-sister of Honfleur.

She was a female with a dominant temperament and soon became the leader of the pack.

J’Fabliau (“Chica”) has been for me a loyal and a tender companion.

In 1996   Monursita (“Sissi”) was born

from the mating between Honfleur and Highlander.

Sissi  is my  Beauty.  She is Elegance and Royalty.

She is Pleasure and Admiration for my eyes.

Sissi is my Sweetness….Sissi is my Rose….

  During that year my promise to my dogs to find a new home

with a big space for them came true.

From that time on we lived in open nature, in total peace, 

surrounded by big green fields and by the woods.

In 1999 into our Kennel came Polaire, daughter of Navarre.

Polaire has a sunny temperament, distinct intelligence, 

and the “arrouye” markings on her coat. 

She has maintained the characteristics of her father.

 Polaire is always very attentive. She understands my every glance.

She possesses a strong maternal instinct for her puppies. 

She has been a “true mummy” for all the dogs that were born afterwards in my Kennel.

  Often there are birds of prey which fly on our property searching for food, 

forming almost a perfect ring.

Polaire is our “Lady of the Hawks”, a guardian above all:

she protects our home and puppies, even from birds.

In the year 2000 Resol was born.

This female with a reserved and dominant character

is my very pleasant companion.

Resol (“Nera”) has always loved to be the centre of attention

and is happy when she can pass her time in my home near me.

Her presence transmits serenity and confidence.

In 2001 our Kennel took officially the name “du Royaume d’Ursita”.

In 2002 into my Kennel arrived the sweet Tsunamour

from Pyrzillac’s Kennel in Finland.

In her blood flows the line of Monursita, her maternal grandmother.

Tsunamour is “joy of living”, kindness, and pure “love’s energy”.

Tsunamour conveys great affection and tenderness.

Her character reminds me very much of Honfleur.

Also during that year Type d’Elle was born.

Type d’Elle with her “angel’s look”

has a kind and sensible soul which exhales serenity and sweetness.

 Her expression has a deepness, harmony ,

and  clearness which is very majestic.

Her name of Type d’Elle reflects her characteristics.

She is very much like her mother Monursita, particularly in her elegance.

In 2004 Valmont was born.

He is a charming, big,  imposing dog.

Calm and proud of himself, conscious of his force,

little by little he brought his authority into our Kennel.

He is a good dog but he is also strongly protective

with his females when necessary;

his work is to create equilibrium and harmony in the pack.

Valmont is an excellent guardian and he defends with all his might our females and property.