Breeding's Philosophy



Breeding is a passion for us as an art which takes up much of our time and therefore it requires great care.

As for all the passions the continuous experience we gain little by little, is the most precious and

fundamental blessing for knowing, improving and being able to maintain the breed's characteristics.

The friendly relationship we set up with our "Pyrénées" from their earliest youth is of essential importance:

it certainly is good for the equilibrium of their character.

For several years we have had the fortune to grow up our specimens "Wild in the Country",

where they develop much more the watchful keeper's instinct.

Movement in a free condition helps the growth of their strong structure, too.

The continuous search and study of genealogies, incessant trying to determinate pairings

for getting particular results to be able to maintain, i.e. fixing in the following generations

the values and those characteristics which make the "Pyrénées" typical:

the well-balanced character with the right "Pyrenean Expression" of dreaming about the mountains,

the harmonious body, the powerful structure and the majestic carriage and the same time

aiming to eliminate the defects as much as possible.

Those qualities became foundation stones for us as well as for every passionate breeder

and certainly they are not easy to combine.

Day by day our emotions, love and care towards these marvellous dogs become bigger and bigger

despite some difficulties every now and then.

Even the smallest achievement spur us on to continue this journey of trying to unfold

those rarities which have become so incomparable for us.