The Pyrenean Expression of the Royaume d'Ursita




The Pyrenean Mountain Dog has always been considered not only the ideal guardian dog, 

but also the perfect companion dog.

 One is impressed by the dogs qualities when observing 

the way he looks into the far away distance as if he is detached, 

and realizing by watching him closely that he seems to be 

actually dreaming nostalgically about his mountains.

 His eyes are dark, sweet and contemplative 

which makes him appear reflective and observant.

 The way the Pyrenean dog appears to be looking out in a dreamy way,  

is considered as the 'Pyrenean Expression' and is uniquely his own within the canine world:  

no other dog can claim to have it.  It is a well known distinctive sign 

which belongs only to the specimens of this breed. 

The Pyrenean Expression derives from three factors:


1.  The obliqueness and the Asiatic shape of the eyes.

   2.  The low placement of the ears.

   3.  The gentle slope of the stop (cranial-nasal line).


If even one of these characteristics are missing, 

the Pyrenean Expression will be absent.

 It is difficult to describe, but it is a pleasure for our eyes....

and this expression can be admired only in typical specimens.

 In admiring the Pyrenean Mountain dog, 

it is important to search for these characteristics 

in order to discover the Pyrenean Expression.