A legend tells us of how Saint Domincus of Guzman 

who was born in Spain, 1170, and was founder of a Benedectine Order

 of white and black tunics, realized his mother's premonitions.  How?

While his mother was pregnant with him, 

she dreamt that she had given birth to a big white dog with black markings.  

She envisioned how this dog used a lit torch 

between his teeth to save a flock of sheep from the perils of an attacking wolf.

The white dog was the emblem of good who defeated 

the demon, represented by the wolf, 

while the sheep symbolized purity. 


Sanctus Dominicus

In Jean-Baptiste Oudry’s painting “La Chasse au Loup” (1746),  

two Pyrenean dogs can be distinguished.


"La Chasse au Loup"

Jean-Baptiste Oudry's Painting

Ever since “Belle”, the four-legged heroine in Cecile Aubry’s “Belle et Sébastien”, 

       has come to the attention of readers and viewers, 

               the popularity of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog in France and abroad 

has continued to assert itself.


"Belle et Sébastien"

                      In the spring, the birds prepare their nest into a little post home 

amidst the Royaume d’Ursita. 

The Pyrenean’s dense wooly coat is utilized in large quantities by the birds....