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Awful Truth

Jesus often speaks of unquenchable fire, which is reserved for those who to the end of their lives refuse to believe and be converted, and where they can destroy both soul and body. Jesus solemnly proclaims that he "will send his angels, and they will gather ... all operators of iniquity, and cast them into the fiery furnace" (Mt 13, 41-42) and pronounce the condemnation: "Depart from me, you cursed, into everlasting fire! (Mt 25, 41) - No Catechism. 1034.

Who is bound for hell stays there for all eternity, because that place cannot exit. Is condemned to eternal hell all operators of scandals and iniquities. In that dark house, full of horror, suffering and shame, horrible cries are raised, there is gnashing of teeth, but the unspeakable torment is the absence of God cursed are immersed in this horror for eternity where the time thousands of years is nothing, because everything always starts in the eternal present.

The regret of not wanting to do good, tied to the memory of the sins committed, will remain to haunt an extent timeless. Will remain, well, the immense disappointment of having worshiped the idols of the earth which subtly paved the way to lust and to feed the seven appetites of the flesh. Now, in this darkness and torment, where they passed the pleasures and satisfactions?
You crushed the law of God and morality, now your master is hatred and torment yourself and you arrival in memory of a love lost forever, and that was always filled by the betrayal of your Lord, you'll be before the soul for all eternity.

The objective reality of hell is beyond our minds because there is no such thing on this planet earth. You can add up all the suffering caused by intense flames, frost, hunger, of the blue, any chance of tearing even the most avid, by the same agony of suffering, but all these tribulations are nothing compared to the suffering of 'horror of that place.

Why pertain skeptical and do not want to believe the terrible truth? Now you do not care to follow the path of virtue to attain heaven, then know your guilty myopia when you're driven by that wonderful place, full of joy which is Paradise. Then and only then will the eyes of the spiritual blindness and great shall be your despair.

Now you still have time to change your life, so do not wait when you cannot do anything.
Do not fool yourself thinking that the Lord at the end easily forgive all your sins, may, however, that His justice will condemn you and cast into that horrible abyss of despair from which you can never leave.

Converted and began to pray to Jesus to have mercy on you. Listen deep in your soul and ask her if it is willing to suffer for all eternity. It is best to prepare yourself to escape all the opportunities that lead to sin. If you are not, you can still invoke the name of Jesus; He will give you the strength and will not be disappointed.

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