Prayers to Saint Joseph

Prayers to Saint Joseph

Prayers to Saint Joseph
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Prayer to Saint Joseph

To you, O Blessed Joseph, close tribulation and recourse, and confident after that invoke thy patronage of Thy Holy Bride.
That sacred bond of charity, that you to the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and for the fatherly love that you brought the child Jesus, concerns, we beseech Thee, with benign eye the beloved inheritance which Jesus Christ purchased by his Blood, and with your help thou power to help our needs.
Protect, O provident guardian of the Holy Family, the chosen offspring of Jesus Christ away from us, or beloved Father, errors and vices which infect the world; propitious assist us from heaven in our struggle with the powers of darkness, or our strong protector: and didst save from death as a time threatened the life of the little baby Jesus, so now defend God's Holy Church from the snares and hostile to any adversity, and stretch out over each of us evermore, your patronage, so in your example and by your help, we can live righteously, and godly die to achieve eternal bliss in heaven. Amen.

Closing of the Holy Mantle

O Glorious Patriarch St. Joseph, who by God you have been placed at the head and guardian of the holiest of families, be pleased that I had from the sky guardian of my soul, one that should be received under the mantle of your patronage.
I, from this moment, you elect a father, a protector, a guide, and place it under your special care my soul, my body, what I have and what I am, my life and my death.
Look at me as your son, defend me from all my enemies, visible and invisible, assist me in all the necessities: console me in all the bitterness of life, but especially in the agonies of death.
Are targeting a word for me at this amiable Redeemer, who didst bring baby on your arms, to the glorious Virgin, of which you were beloved Spouse.
Obtain for me the blessings that you see be beneficial to my true good, for my eternal salvation, and I will endeavor not to make me unworthy of your special patronage. Amen.

A St. Joseph

S. Giuseppe sweet husband of Mary, foster father of Jesus and the Father of Divine Providence, guardian of the Holy Church, to thee do to be clothed with your virtues: your faith, your humility, your obedience, your patience, your adoring silence, and your spirit of abandonment. Defend us from all the assaults of the evil one and measure our spiritual and material needs that we may seek only the Kingdom of God and serving the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your most holy. Bride..
St. Joseph, pray for us.

Joseph Ave

Hail Joseph, full of divine grace, the Savior has rested in your arms and grew up under your eyes. Blessed art thou among men and blessed is the Son of Thy Virgin Bride Jesus S. Joseph, chosen as the father of the only Son of God, pray for us taken from the concerns of family, health and work until our last day and help us in the hour of our death. Amen.

Hail Joseph, son of David
Chosen by the Father, the Son guardian.
Blessed art thou among men
And blessed is your beloved Jesus
Righteous among the righteous,
husband of Mary
pray for us sinners
now and at the hour of our death
so be it.

Dear Dad, you know
Dear Dad, you can
Dear Dad, you see
Dear Dad, measures.

St. Joseph chosen by God

St. Joseph, chosen by God to be the most pure spouse of Mary and the foster father of Jesus, intercede for us that we turn to you.
You, who were the faithful guardian of the Holy Family, bless and protect our family and all Christian families.
You, who have experienced in life testing, fatigue and tiredness, helps all workers and all the suffering.
Because you had the grace to die in the arms of Jesus and Mary, assist and comfort all the dying.
You, who are the patron saint of the Church, intercede for the Pope, the bishops and all the faithful throughout the world, especially for those who are oppressed and suffering persecution for the name of Christ.

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