Prayers to the Son

Prayers to the Son

Prayers to the Son
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Spiritual Communion

I believe you, my Jesus, in the Blessed Sacrament, I love you and I want you in my poor soul. Come to this repentant heart and humiliated...
As already come, I embrace you all and I give myself to you, give me your love and final perseverance, and do not stray more from me.

Prayer of reparation

of Jesus with all his love, all its sufferings and all its merits: to atone for all the sins I have committed this day and during all my past life.
Glory be to the Father.

To purify the good I have done poorly this day and during all my past life.
Glory be to the Father.

To make up for the good that I neglected to do today and throughout my past life.
Glory be to the Father.

Prayer of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Jesus, we know that you are merciful and who offered your heart to us. It is crowned with thorns and from our sins.
We know that you will be constantly so that we do not lose.
Jesus, remember us when we sin.
Through the Heart is that all people love one another.
Disappear hatred among men. Show us your love.
We all love you and we want you to protect us with Your Heart Pastor and free us from all sin.
Jesus, enter into every heart!
Knock; knock on the door of our hearts. Be patient and never desist.
Knocks all the time. Grant, O good Jesus that we open our hearts at least when we remember Your Passion suffered for us. Amen.
(Dictated by Our Lady to Melena Vasilj November 28, 1983)

Consecration of the human race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

"O sweet Jesus, Redeemer of mankind or, looking at us humbly prostrate before your altar. We are your and you want to be: in order to live and to you more closely connected, that each of us here today voluntarily devoted himself to your Sacred Heart.
Many unfortunately I never met, many, despising your precepts, I repudiated. O most merciful Jesus, has mercy of one or the other, and attracts all to your Sacred Heart.
O Lord, You are the King not only of the faithful who never walked away from you, but also of the prodigal children, who abandoned you, is that as soon as they return to the family home.
Be King of those who live in deception error or discord separated from you, call them up at the harbor of truth and unity of faith, so that soon there may be one flock under one shepherd.
Bestow, O Lord, to secure safety and freedom Your Church, pour out to all peoples the tranquility of order, makes it from one end of the earth resound this one voice, praise be to the Divine Heart, which was our salvation to Him sing glory and honor for ever. Amen."

Prayer to Jesus Crucified

Here I am, O my beloved and good Jesus, the Blessed Your presence, prostrate, please with the fervor to print more vivid in my heart sentiments of faith, hope, love, sorrow for my sins and resolve to no longer offend while I with all the love and all the compassion I'm considering your five wounds, starting with what he said to you, O good Jesus, the holy prophet David, "they pierced my hands and my feet, they counted all my bones!".
I adore you, O Cross SS., that with the venerable members of our Lord Jesus Christ, you were adorned and sprinkled His precious Blood. I worship you, my God, and place it in you, O Holy Cross. For his sake.

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sacred Heart of Jesus, source of all good, I love you, thank you, and I highly regret my sins, I present this my poor heart. Make it humble, patient, pure and fully in line with your desires.
Protect me in danger, console me in afflictions, grant me the sanctity of the body and soul, help in my spiritual and temporal needs, your blessing in all my works and the grace of a holy death.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust and hope in you.

Sweet Heart of my Jesus

Sweet Heart of my Jesus, grant that I loves you more and more. Sweet Heart of Mary, be the salvation of my soul.

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