From '71 Original Score
"This album compiles upgraded versions of the songs from Lupin III's first series. Since the original master tapes have all been lost or damaged at this stage, the tracks were newly recorded with the three vocalists who worked on the original recording sessions 30 years back performing again the same songs. Also includes a new song! (last track)"

01. Lupin III theme song 3 [aka Lupin '71]
02.AFRO "LUPIN'68"
05. Lupin III theme song I (SCAT VERSION)
06. Lupin III theme song 3 (SHUFFLE VERSION)
08. Lupin III theme song II (SCAT VERSION)
12. Lupin III theme song I
13. Lupin III theme song II
14. Groupie de LUPIN

Supervision of Takeo Yamashita
Sound Produce & Arrangement
Charlie Kosei = 02,04,12,13
Kayoko Ishu = 07,11
YOSHIRO Hiroishi = 01, 06
Kayoko Ishu = 03, 05, 08, 10

Manufactured by VAP INC., Tokyo, Japan (01-23-2002)
Catalog #: VPCC-81406
Audio Format: STEREO
Running Time: ??
Price: 3000 Yen (2857 Yen without japanese tax)

Translation of Booklet

Thanks to Keiichi Shima (Home Page) for english translation.

Ryu's Note: This page contains a fan translation of  "Lupin The 3rd Takeo Yamashita Rebirth - From '71 Original Score" booklet. The design of this page is to help people (that don't know japanese) to read booklet that is all in japanese language, I don't want to violate copyright laws, all rights on CD are VAP INC, Tokyo.
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Liner Notes

The master of residence asks to policemen.
" Inspector. As for the fellow, he turn up here really?"
The Inspector said.
"He must turn up here. I'm able to assert. He turned up to pass notice until now. It is 100%. Professor. Please feel relieved. Staffs and I arrest him tonight over our prestige."
The inspector was completely confident. Because of He arranged the subordinates, who can trust it in every place of the residence. And the police cordon was stretched in the checkpoint of the town.
He thought that there be not why the thief isn't caught with this operation.

The professor asks to the Inspector "Without the thief being known the Notice State to who 3 days ago it stretched it to a large clock. He is an excellent thief. Is probably he easy to do theft from our before?"
" It is the reason for living that he strikes us and defeat. He corners a self to the difficult situation and escape from dangerous situation. He wins the person who goes after a self.  That is the only pleasure with him. However, professor. Even we aren't defeated to him.  He will has a little gap necessary. We don't overlook his all of gaps"
The inspector was seen as he'll intoxicated by the premonition that catches him. He was only a chance after always letting go him.
He grasped tightly the piece of paper that makes the hand.
" The notice state.  The midnight twelve o'clock of 3 days later.  I wish come to take the treasure. LupinIII"
One bell of a large clock sounded. It is 30 minutes after, until the time when he announced.
The story has climax.
However, the story has different direction nature with whether, to make the hero who.
One of the story. It will become the arrest play that mobilized total the organizing ability of the police, if the Inspector is a hero. If the great detective is the leading part this climax is just the start of a story.
(The person who solves the mystery shows the figure after an event. )
Then, how is it if the person who steals is a hero?
For instance, If it is the spy action that is represented to 'Mission impossible'  whether they succeed in stealing it will become the climax of a story.
('Mission impossible' / Japanese title of TV series "SPY Dai-Sakusen" It's mean "The hard operation of SPY" )
You know, Be impossible to the story that changes it to possibility.
An it's as one assumption. What kind of story does it become, in the case that the thief of the professional is a hero?
As for his story the success of the strategy isn't a purpose. The book that his grandfather appeared on the world for the first time is the short story
novel "L'arrestation d'Arsene Lupin" of Maurice Leblanc.
This story is the beginning of the world of Lupin III.
The gold bullion and the treasure, object of art and nation confidential information, and it is the new and powerful technology.  What he steals
isn't only these.
It is the heart of the beautiful woman that he steals.And He steal the self who was arrested from the jail.
His real purpose isn't to steal the thing.  He thinks how he steals magnificently.
Even the failure must be splendid for him.
For instance, Like a Golgo13, the hero and reader, the story doesn't unfold toward a target.
(Golgo13 is Japanese Manga. He is a sniper and be an assassin. )
The great thief who Monkey Punch made has stolen the heart of the reader, with the development that even thought doesn't apply before the story that stretches and stuffed gets ruined. The reader admires his vivid way, with the inspector who was gotten the jump on.
For him the theft is a game. The body that bets and built up the prestige and self-confidence of a self with advanced technique is utilized.
He enjoys the game that mobilizes total intellect and physical strength. It is the gambling that bet life and death, when it does a different saying.
The thought that does gambling to him as business must be absent.
Therefore, he doesn't think a dishonor even that he was deceived to the woman who loves her.
Even the sarcasm of Jigen that is a colleague for him isn't anxious about it.
It is the music of  Takeo Yamashita, to produce his game magnificently.
His music has an original time sense and is not absorbed to the story.
His music has the power that wins the picture and emphasizes the game sense of the story.
It is the movie music that doesn't flatter.
His music has the original aesthetics that is very fashionable and be not caught by prevalence.
His music is also the outlook on the world of Lupin III.

Takeo Yamashita said his son Toru.
"Lupin III music has image of Rocks".
However, the music that was completed was transformation Latin American music rather than Rocks. It is a heartwarming episode.
Father was doing music activity before Rocks is born. His son was Rock Kids.

It is the generation gap to the concept called Rocks.
However, Takeo Yamashita was paying attention to the characteristic of the polyphagia that Rocks holds.
When I see the history of Rocks in the time that was the beginning of the 1970's the methodology from JAZZ to Classic was being taken.
Rocks are impossible enable.
Rocks disguises even to what.
As for the music of a large thief, there are only Rocks.
The silhouette that, Fujiko swims backlight and run with Harley-Davidson.
The cool melody of "theme song II" that is played the time always enchanted Rock kids.
The picture and music that were telecast and were repeat repeatedly on TV.
LupinIII is the few animation song that Rock age wants to do cover.
"Punch the Monkey" was epoch-making.
The music of  Takeo Yamashita was revalued. The old sound source reissue and remix,  etc. were announced.
The situation seems to be whether the mysterious thief is skillful disguise means and repeat appearance and disappearance and mock the police and enemy.

The bond movie "Casino Royale" that is not 007 series.
Looking at the manner that the person who gets on the name turn up one after another it is so that I enjoy music 007 and bond.
We are good if we enjoy the tune that resembled music and, his music of  Takeo Yamashita. However, the person who tells his name must be careful.
Even the  inspector even LupinIII even we, the distinction of the real thing and imitation attach easily.
'' 71METracks is wonderful. Nobody I am not able to deny what many musicians, mix ƒŠ with original interpretation.?@I feel that it is the power
of  Takeo Yamashita music, when I hear realistically every work. Even if it does what kind of arrangement and construction to LupinIII music the
original of  Takeo Yamashita will not be exceeded.
Toru Yamashita is son of  Takeo Yamashita. His produce, this CD was made for the first time in 30 years.  As for these circumstances Toru takes the
trouble of explaining it.
The original tape of LupinIII was lost.
We present when what I want to emphasize can not hear the original Toru wants to tell the sound source and original that fit in the era of now it is
The mysterious thief rides the Clasic car and be using an old Germany for military gun.

He pursues the aesthetics of the self. However, He doesn't forgive it to the thing that He is not able to use. Because of He is doing a desperate game.

Lupin III that the first-class creators, made aiming at the animation for the grown-up.  The action that is not defeated to 007Series!    Speed!    The
suspense! And it is Eros. It was the music of Yamashita, to make this picture a furthermore high quality.
The music that was revalued the lounge to, the key word with club scene.  The gorgeous sound and bold arrangement that absent in the present were paid
The mean of "Takeo Yamashita's Lupin III" of the playback is not necessarily to reproduce an original arrangement faithfully.
Feeling the mind in the time that the music is made it is to bring forth the large thief who matched in the age.
Do not be in a hurry.  We have a few times that thinks it. There are 30 minutes, until the time when he announced.


Message from Toru Yamashita

[Who is Toru Yamashita? Is it one relation of Takeo Yamashita?]

Lupin III Sound track that Yamatake (the nickname of  Takeo Yamashita) 'made' my father is recorded to  "Lupin III '71 ME TRACKS" that was launched from
the VAP It is the job of 30 years ago. Even who was not thinking, that it continues to be evaluated with the medium that Lupin III is various.
When I was the 12 years old 'the primary school sixth grader', We made Lupin III.
I was help for Father of composition, from the time when I was elementary school lower classe. I was visited in the recording studio with the father.
When father was composing Lupin III he asked me. "How does it become Rock if I arrange this music?".
I remember his word well.

I met well in the recording studio with Ijyukayo and musicians. I didn't meet Charlie Kosei and Yoshiro Hiroishi, much at that time.
Probably as for I the study may was serious.
Nine years later. There was proposal from Columbia, when I'm 21 years old.
Making "Lupin III '71 ME TRACKS" from the score again We want to make LP with the member in that time.
The era hits to the end in the palm days of father.  Naturally, the burden to sons became big. I was playing fusion.  I got excited at that makes "the record".
I was young.  The staff of the YamatakeJazz band was aging the year. I joined Charlie Kosei and Yoshiro Hiroishi.
When do in the near future and think the Receding was gentlemanly. The jazz session recording that I advance with the impetus of the father differed.
It is because the era was multiple channel recording, though be a natural case.
Moreover, even who was not thinking, that recording remains forever as CD.
This is the talk of 20 years ago.
And it is now.  Father is fighting with aging in the room of the neighbor.
However, the father is the nickname of Yamatake yet and be doing the performance of active service with, reissue CD and remix CD and DVD.
I say the gratitude to, the persons who took the trouble of hearing, many persons who took the trouble of helping father sincerely. Thank you.

A new century.  I was asked if I want to do Lupin III, to an original arrangement remake faithfully from the company.  I felt that I must try this work as father of blood assigns me.
I was the age that the father made Lupin III.  What I thought first centered to the musician who disposition became known with expert, that father was doing it and was to receive.
Kensaku Tanigawa was called, to the point of our group.  He was a composer and ultra jazz pianist.
Kosuke Sakai(W.B). Kenji Sato (E.B). Yoshihide Otomo.
And who jointed, I made CD "Takeo Yamashita o kiru".
As for me, the job was happy produced with the wonderful people of the general trend.

The Brass section. My old school the brass band was prosperous.
I requested participation to "THE WIND WAVE" the group of Naohiko Hatano.  He is the junior of a school.  (Even Kensaku is a junior actually)
They are active service yet, although they (original singer) are the friends of a father.  YOSHIRO KOSEKI is the participation since a Columbia disk.
YOSHIHIRO is not participating in remake at all, although the name was entered to the Columbia disk.
(It seemed that was thought that male vocal is Charlie Kosei all) I thank for, the Eigahiho editorial staff and YoshihikoKato that finding
I think that their participation is assembled and remake succeeded. (Charlie Kosei, YOSHIHIRO and Ijyuin.)

I thought how I do direction. Should it do direction with the whistle and scream like a father?
The possible method was the direction by a falseness song to me.
I wanted to record all at a time, without using the metronome in conformity like an old method.  Therefore the falseness song was necessary to all the
tunes. (Vocal be because it participates after rhythm truck recording)
I sang in the vocal booth, and played the whistle and shouting.  After all I was doing same play like a father.

The composer and musician, participated in the performance with equal enthusiasm.The high technique of the musician, enabled this.
I am a composer.  I'm not possible be satisfactory just to reproduce the work of father.
I must say all of the LupinIII fan, I'm sorry. I made the new work selfishly.
Hawaiian and BOSSA NOVA that I was always hearing with the side of father.
Returning home to unnationality Lupin received it.
This work is tribute that I devote to Paris inlast year and, Lupin and, father.
I am the work of fashionable showy favorite Yamatake.
I devote this work, to the father.

Toru Yamashita



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