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The Friday special road show

14th Television Special

Lupin III - EPISODE: 0 (zero) "First Contact"

From 21:03 to 22:54 (Tokyo Time), on Friday, July 26, 2002

Producer/Rieko Ono (Nippon Television)
                  Ontsu Ozaki
                  Hiromichi Oishi
Original/monkey punch (Chuokoronsha)
Script/Shoji Yonemura
Supervision/Minoru Ohara
Music/Yuuji Ohno

LupinIII/Kan'ichi Kurita
Daisuke Jigen/Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Goemon Ishikawa/Makio Inoue
Fujiko Mine/Eiko Masuyama
Inspector Zenigata/Gorou naya
Galvez/Syuichiro Moriyama
Shade/Syunsuke Sakuno
Brad/Jyurota Kosugi
Elina/Romi Boku

' The encounter of Lupin and Jigen when met for the first time!? '
"Lupin III", the 14th TV Special.  'First Contact'.
The encounter of Lupin and colleagues are able to cause to open for the first time.
Lupin and Jigen met in many events.
Their friendship, treachery, are depicted in the events.
Through the means that Lupin and Fujiko met the conversation complicates it.  Zenigata was dispatched to NY city Police from Japanese Police Department.  There for the first time he met Lupin.
Goemon appears on the stage in quest of the Zantetu sword.

They search the treasure "Cram of Hermes".
Their relation gets complicated.
What is " Cram of Hermes "?  And where'
Jigen, Fujiko, Goemon, Inspector Zenigata.  How did they meet?
How do LupinIII and Jigen think the skill of the partner?
The secret of the Zantetu sword of Goemon.
Do the past of LupinIII and colleagues become clear?!

When Lupin III, started the thief.
Lupin aimed for Galvez of' Cram of Hermes'.  He was the boss of the Mafia.
''Cram of Hermes" is the book of the alchemy, in it there was written the method of manufacture of a metal harder than diamond.

The book was contained to the pipe that was made by metal.
The pipe never opens if there is not a special key.
Lupin was hindered theft to the bodyguard Jigen of Galvez.
And he was aimed for by the Mafia conspirators.
Lupin heard that the pipe was stolen from the subordinate/Shade of Galvez.
He thought that the thief/Brad of the rival stole.
Lupin found Brad.  However, he fails to mention that he requests: "Help her..."  and died.
He thought that the woman betrays Brad and murder, pipe are taken away.
Lupin started to find Fujiko Mine and got the pipe.  He turned the gun to her to attack the enemy of Brad....
It is at the time.  Inspector Zenigata came in America from Japan.
The larcenist/Fujiko, that escaped overseas, has been gone after.
Fujiko, that was caught by the Galvez conspirators, soon did free that double-crosses to the conspirators and began to go after LupinIII.
Her purpose is the pipe.  Fujiko approached Lupin with the good looks and sex appeal.  She knew that Hans, a large millionaire, has the key of the pipe.  With she did, steal Lupin and action and watched for the chance.
Galvez strengthened surveillance to take both of the pipe and keys, when Lupin and Fujiko got the key.  However, Jigen knows to be different the plan of Galvez and thought that.
Jigen thought Lupin and that, do the gun game again and want to win.
Fujiko even Zenigata that goes after Fujiko knows that there is relation with the man called Lupin and start the pursuit of him.
Lupin announced and invaded the police.  He stole the elongate wooden box where the key of the pipe is included from Hans' building.
The police, Zenigata, Galvez conspirators, Jigen noticed this and traced Lupin.
Lupin and Jigen were caught by the Galvez conspirators.
Fujiko was caught to have the box containing the key and escape.
Lupin, Jigen, Fujiko were put to terrible situation.
Goemon Ishikawa appeared.  He was searching  for the strongest sword of world.

Lupin III TV Special 2000 Episode: 0 "First Contact" (C) 2002 Monkey Punch/TMS - NTV

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