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02/24/2007 - [ITALY] Goodbye Zazzà (Totsan). 
Enzo Consoli,
Inspector Zenigata's first italian character voice, died on 16th february after a long ugly disease.
Here you are the official site of Enso Consoli, for seeing  his last jobs on theater.
Form site by Antonio Genna, here you are a card on long carrier as dubber: AntonioGenna- Scheda di Enzo Consoli.

09/01/2005 - [USA] Lupin III Live Action '74 will be released in States in 2006.

Lupin III - Strange Psycokinetic Strategy
(Rupan sansei: Nenriki chin sakusen)
Originally released in 1974
Street date February 21st 2006
Media format: DVD
Video: widescreen 16:9 anamorphic

Same company will release also "Lupin III - Fuma Conspiracy" (new master) and "Lupin III - Legend of the Gold of Babylon" (dubbed in english).

[Thanks to AnimeonDVD & Lupin III Yahoo Mailing List]

06/17/2005 - [ITALY]  TV Commercial for italian version of Lupin III Playstation2 game: "Le avventure di Lupin III - Il tesoro del re stregone" ("Treasure of Sorcerer King")

You can download here:

06/17/2005 - [JAPAN]  New Lupin III TV Special will be aired on NTV on Friday June 22, 2005, at 21:03 (Tokyo time).

Title: "Angel's Tactics ~
The Fragments of Dream are the Scent of Murder~"

Lupin meets the X-Files.
Lupin steals a treasure from "secret" Air Force Base, "Area 51", in Nevada. This treasure is a metallic fragment of  a U.F.O. This alien metal is very strong, it could be used for a powerful weapon. Also
Four "Bloody Angels," the toughest women Lupin has ever faced, want the treasure for their own terrorist purposes. Meanwhile Zenigata teams up with a female police officer to hunt Lupin and theterrorists down .
[Sources: Luis Cruz and Anime News Network]

06/07/2005 - [ITALY] In june it will be relased a videogame for PS2 of Lupin III: Le avventure di "Lupin III°" - Il tesoro del re stregone
Italian publisher: Halifax, game in PAL, in italian and with italian dub.
Official site:

Game Preview in Milan, on thursday 23th june in Blockbuster  in Via Pasubio at 18:00, with a cosplay contest  with as prize of Lupin gadget (videogame, DVD or other).

[Thanks to Rupan Sansei for info & ]

Kappa Edizioni news:
Contest: "LUPIN III SECONDO... ME" ("Lupin III In my... opinion")
In june it will be released also a new volume of  Lupin III Millenium
: "LUPIN III - LA MALEDIZIONE DEGLI ISHIKAWA" ("Ishikawa's Curse") by Hiromoto & Baricordi, a story with origin of Ishikawa clan.
As insert of comics there is a card to compile and send for winning a copy of PS2 game or other comics volumes by Kappa Edizioni!

05/27/2005 -  New domain for LEP - Lupin III European Page (Dead & Rebirth ;) ):
05/10/2005 - [LEP Forum] I moved LEP Forum on new LEP domain:


05/08/2005 - [ITALY] Release date for Cagliostro and Mamoo on DVD: 29th june 2005, publisher Yamato Video, titles: "La pietra della saggezza" & "Il castello di Cagliostro", price for shops: Euro 18.50 eachone.

01/14/2005 - [ITALY] Yamato Video will release "Lupin III Castle of Cagliostro" and "Lupin Vs. Clone" on DVD in 2005

In february Yamato Video will release on DVD: 1993 TV Special ("Voyage to Danger" alias "Order to Assassinate Lupin") and 1992 TV Special ("From Russia with Love").

Cagliostro and Lupin Vs. Clone ("La pietra della saggezza") will be released in two version, on newsstand in "light version", and on homevideo in "collector edition" with bonus and extra.

[Source: Yamato Video official site]

11/20/2004 - [ITALY] Cagliostro comes back on TV, but on SAT!

Sunday 21 November 2004, ItaliaUno, at 13:00 (Rome time), "Lupin: per un dollaro in  più" (1$ Money Wars).

From magazine "Il Satellite", all Christmas program of chanel ITT (Italian Teen Television) of  SKYTV:
Saturday 25 december 2004 at 21:00   *   One Piece - Per tutto l'oro del mondo
Sunday 26 december 2004 at 21:00   *   LUPIN III - Un diamante per sempre [2003 TV Special?]
Monday 27 december 2004 at 21:00   *   LUPIN III - Il castello di Cagliostro
Tuesday 28 december 2004 at 21:00   *   I cavalieri dello zodiaco [Saint Seiya Movie I]: La dea della discordia
Wednesday 29 december 2004 at 21:00   *   Dr. Slump e Arale - Avventure nello spazio
Thursday 30 december 2004 at 21:00   *   Dragonball IV - Il cammino del più forte
 Friday 31 december 2004 at 21:00   *   Dragonball Z

10/20/2004 - [JAPAN] Documentary about Yasuo Otsuka. Who is Yasuo Otsuka? He is character designer (and animaztion director) of Lupin III 1st TV series, Lupin III Castle of Cagliostro, Fuma's Conspyracy, Conan boy of the future, etc.

Title: "Otsuka Yasuo no Ugokasu Yorokobi" ("Yasuo Otsuka's Joy of Animating")
Producer: Buenavista Japan
Catalog No.: VWDZ-8064
Release Date: 07/23/2004
Price: 4700yen (US$ 43.71 + jpn taxes (5%))
Running Time: 107mins.
Data Format: DVD (dual layer, single side)
Aspect Ratio(s): 4:3 Standard
Regional Encoding: 2 (Europe, Japan)
Subtitles: english, japanese
Audio Track : japanese Dolby Digital 2.0

17/07/2004 - [Japan] Official page of 2004 TV Special:
"Lupin III - Nusumareta Lupin" ("Lupin has been stolen").

Lupin III - Nusumareta Lupin - Official Page - With info (in japanese) and images (original settei and frames)

07/16/2004 - [Japan] Return on NTV (Nihon terebi) a little episodes selection from 2nd TV series.
News from official japanese site:

TV Channel: NTV (Nippon Television)
Dates: from 20 to 23 and from 26 to 30 of July
Time: 10:30 a.m.
Episodes: 9, from 130th to 138th of 2nd TV series

130) Rupan tai Kijin nimensou (Lupin vs. Two face Phantom)
131) Futari Goemon. Zantetsuken no nazo (Goemon's Twin - Riddle of Zantetsu-ken)
132) Reizan Himaraya no dorobou kyoudan (The sect of thieves of holy mountain of Himalaya)
133) Atsui otakara ni te o dasuna (Down the hands by heat treasure)
134) Rupan taiho. Choujyou sakusen (Arrest Lupin - Summit strategy)
135) Dokuyaku to majyutsu to Rupan sansei (Poison Magic and Lupin III)
136) Goorudo batafurai no fukusyuu (Revenge of the Golden Butterfly)
137) Karei naru chiimu purei sakusen (A magnificent team play strategy)
138) Ponpei no hihou to dokujya (Poison snakes and treasure in Pompei)

07/05/2004 - [Japan] 2004 TV Special, "Lupin III - Nusumareta Lupin" ("Lupin has been stolen"), will telecast by NTV ( Nihon terebi) on friday 30th July of 2004, from 21:03 to 22:54.

Official page:

Opening theme: "Lupin III no teema '78 - 2002 version"
Closing theme: "A rose tattoo"

Some preview from story
Lupin's target is jewel called "Bull's Eye". It is cursed, who steals it lost own life. Fujiko catched in hostage by a villain called Markovitch (a russian? As last year?), that obliges Lupin to steal the jewel for freeing her.

2004 TV Special soundtrack album:
Title: "Lupin III - Nusumareta Lupin Copycat wa Manatsu no Cho"
Publisher: VAP
Catalog #: VPCG-84810
Relese date: 08/25/2004
Format: CD-Audio
Price: 2381 Yen (2500 Yen with japanese taxes)

Lupin III 1st TV series on air in High Definition on japanese channel WOWOW.
Official page:

02/04/2004 - [ITALY] 1st italian dub of 1st TV series is back on TV!
 Italia1 (TV channel of Mediaset group) will telecast 1st episode, "Le avventure di Lupin III - Trappola su quattro ruote", on tuesday, february 10 of 2004, from 14:00 to 14:30.

02/03/2004 - [JAPAN] 2nd TV series CD Boxset.

Media: CD-Audio    
Publisher: Nippon Columbia
Catalog #: COCX-32654
Discs: 6
Release Date: 03/17/2004
Price (sans japanese taxes, you must add 5%): Yen 12,000

A 6-CD boxed set containng digitally remastered albums originally released from 1977 (around "Lupin III Second TV series") to 1982 and the first-to-CD edition of "Se Shareman / Yasuo Yamada 1st Album / Yasuo Yamada w & You (Yuji Yamada)" Comes housed in a cardboard box (12 inch/30cm-LP sized).    

Same day, another album will be released:

Title: Lupin III Otakara Henkyaku Daisakuasen!! - Original Soundtrack    
Publisher: VAP
Catalog No.: VPCG-84802
Media: CD-Audio
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Release Date: 17/03/2004
Price (+ 5% of japanese taxes): 2,381 Yen
 Description :
Original soundtrack from 2003 TV Special.
Individually released edition of the soundtrack CD from the limited "DVD + Soundtrack CD" edition (VPBY-11827) originally released on October 22, 2003. Contains full-length versions of the all included soundtracks, a TV-sized version of "le soleil d'or" (music by Yuji Ono, lyrics and performed by Kahimi Karie), and 3 previously unpublished soundtracks, including "Sagrada Familia." *This individually released edition includes different contents from the soundtrack CD of the limited set (VPBY-11827).

02/02/2004 - [ITALY] 2001 TV special, "Lupin III - Alcatraz Connection", will be telecasted by Italia1 (an italian TV channel of Mediaset group), on Sunday, February 8, from 14:00 to 16:00.

01/29/2004 - [ITALY]
2002 OVA, "Lupin III - Magiacian is still alive - Return of Pycal", will be telecasted by Italia1 (an italian TV channel of Mediaset group) divided in two parts:

On Tuesday, February 3 of 2004, from 14:00 to 14:30, "Le avventure di Lupin III - Il ritorno del mago - Prima parte" (1st part)
On Thursday, February 5 of 2004, from 14:00 to 14:30, "Le avventure di Lupin III - Il ritorno del mago - Seconda parte" (2nd part)

01/27/2004 - [ITALY]
2002 TV special, "Lupin III - Episode: 0 ~First Contact~", will be telecasted by Italia1 (an italian TV channel of Mediaset group), on Sunday, February 1, time 14:00.

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