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Literary Theory

The English Renaissance
(Excerpts from New Literary Links, CIDEB, vol.2)

The English Renaissance
Italian Influences on the English Renaissance
The Rise of Modern Science: Copernicus, Kepler,Galileo.
The Tudors, The Reformation, The Age of Religious Persecutions

From the Age of Reason to the Romantic Age
(Excerpts from Brancaleone, Bracciodieta, Sharing Worlds, Laterza, vol.1)

From the Age of Reason to the Romantic Age: Historical and SocialChange
From the Age of Reason to the Romantic Age: Cultural Influences


Victorian Literature


Modern Literature


- The Truth of Beauty      Script
- The Educational Experience
- The Industrial City
- Female Subjectivity       Script


- Empire (Language and Power)     Script
- Mysteries of Love      Script
- The Dystopian Novel
- Emptiness and Fragmentation

(Excerpts from Graeme Thomson and Silvia Maglioni, Literary Links Teacher's Book, CIBEB)


Here you can find the development of a theme in literature over the centuries:

- Writers on Childhood
- Writers on Nature
- Writers on Time and Death    Script
- Writers on Fantasy, Gothic, and the Double   Script
- Writers on Women and Women Writers
- Writers on Utopia and Anti-Utopia     Script

- Writers on the Journey
- Writers on Alienation
- Writers on Rebellion

(Excerpts from M. Spiazzi, M.Tavella, Only Connect, Maps, Bologna, Zanichelli, 2004)


- Blake: Complementary opposites Script
- Fantasy. The Literature of Subversion Script
- Frankenstein: an analysis   Script
- T.S. Eliot
- Mrs. Dalloway and Septimus


Sigmund Freud today  Script