Pier Giacomo Genta director specialised in advertising shorts and documentariesPier Giacomo Genta director specialised in advertising shorts and documentaries

mimmo genta 
Musician, journalist and director with a specific
experience in commercial shorts and documentaries, 
certified by the Cloberfield University
as Doctor
of Arts in Advertising and Marketing,
he has directed hundreds of films intended for
national and local networks. Several advertising
agencies have ordered the shorts he has directed,
but he has also worked, specially in the documentary
and institutional field, directly for industrial
groups, public corporations, scientific organisations,
publishers, commercial and tourist companies.
Moreover, his long experience as a scriptwriter allows
him to develop the creative work starting from the first
stages of the audiovisual planning

In the advertising field he has worked for ...

  • Automotive industries;
  • Producers of sawing machines;
  • Mineral waters;
  • Newspaper publishers;
  • Telephone services;
  • Schools;
  • Food industries;
  • Furniture industries;
  • .....

In the documentary field he has worked for ...

  • Electronic industries;
  • Automotive industries;
  • Insurance;
  • Engineering industries;
  • Chemical industries;
  • Information technology industries;
  • Tourism;
  • Pharmaceutical industries;
  • Food industries.
  • .....
    After having worked for several studios, for many years P. G. Genta has been producing audiovisual films and programs with the ABA VIDEO Srl company of Turin (Italy).
    His great proficiency in the instruments and technologies in the field of videos as well as films allow him to manage all kinds of
    productions for the customer optimising time and quality/price ratio.
    As a director he has travelled to Costa Rica, United States, China, Ghana, Ethiopia, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Spain, France, England, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Germany, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia.
    His early activity as a musician allows him to have an ear for selecting the musical pieces and for working with other musicians for creating advertising jingles.
    Recently he has also prepared some multimedia CD-ROMs for industries and publishers and he turned to the design and management of computer graphic works.

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