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Metaverse is now only a planet simulator. The program is made up, from the architetturale point of view, of various sections and wants to be, like it has been for the authors of the project, a school (without pretensions) and an arena for who wants to learn the 3D programming.

The arguments in the project section will be oriented to the step-by-step guide that the authors made in the construction of the project.

In particular, the demanded knowledge for you is:

Basic C/C++ Programming (without use of template, the used extension of C is limited to the the mechanisms of classes creation and the inheritance).

Programming for Windows in a Visual C environment. In practical, it is demanded the knowledge of the very basic mechanism of management of the messages and the use of callback (the WndProc type) in the programs for Windows.

The following packages are necessary:

Visual C++ (min. 5.0 version)

DirectX 8.0 SDK (Available free at

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