Music composed by MaxNegro©
performed with advanced digital samplers     

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Serenade for Violin & Strings  
Violin's Memory  
The Padus River  
Winter Traumerei  
Romance for Cello & Piano  
Baroque Phantasy  
Ninna nanna - Lullaby  
Fantasia per Chitarra e Archi  
Scherzo in re - Piano Score by E. Elgar  
Adagio for Strings  
Sunscape II  
Concertino at the Savoy  
Hymn for the Old Europe  
Sunset Beach  
Eine Italienische Serenade  
Escape at Night  
Waiting for You  
Fantasia Concertante  
Summer Stories  
Divertissement in CMaj  
Duo Viola & Pianoforte n10  
Duo Violino & Pianoforte n3  
Fantasy for Orchestra n1  
Adagio for Piano & Strings  
Cello Fantasy  
Valse d'Avignon  
Western Flavor  
The Green Grass  
The Dream Valley  
Summer Light  
Christmas Choir  












































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