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M.Sc. Thesis' Title: "Sviluppo delle Optimal Channel Networks con eterogeneità di precipitazione"
(...translation: "Development of Optimal Channel Networks with Rainfall Heterogeneity")
Università di Padova, Profs. Rinaldo A., Maritan A., Rigon R. (UniTn), I Fall Commencement Session,
Academic Year 2005/2006

I have reported the entire thesis (about 280 pages, 15 Mb) and even a version with each chapter separately (chapters have not the same official style (LaTeX style) of the entire thesis) . Some codes of programs are in the part called "Codes.pdf". For Mathematica and Matlab  original applications you can ask me!. The original FluidTurtle routines have been implemented by Prof. Rigon. R. and you can see some of them even in the JGrass manual, GeoTOP manual, and in "the base" of all these applications (and not only these ones..., see here), the Horton_Machine manual, or see something here in a first FluidTurtle "web-site".

Even you can download the official presentation of the M.Sc. thesis discussion (for the 10 minutes I have had) and a longer one with relative arguments of the thesis more better explained.

For an abstract of the thesis (in Italian) you can see my Official "Application" to the M.Sc. commencement, and even you can see here (always in Italian) the M.Sc. announcement of the commencement session (First Fall Session, A.A. 2005/2006) hold on 10/25/2006.
For a peer review comment of my thesis see the "assessment letter" (in Italian) made by my "controrelatore" (reviewer advisor)  Prof. Riccardo Rigon (DICA, UniTn).

A compulsory thanks with all people I have worked with (see below the part "Acknowledgement.pdf"), with true regard and gratitude! (Prof. Andrea Rinaldo, Prof. Amos Maritan, Prof. Riccardo Rigon, and all people around them, really thanks!).

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(Note: I have published my materials with hope it can be useful to someone or simpler to attract the intellectual curiosity in learning these fascinating things! Cite me if you use it & send me an e-mail please! Co-operation is better & gratitude is nice!!!)

MSc THESIS PHOTOS (update 11/05/2006)

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MSc THESIS PRESENTATION (update 10/22/2006)

Thesis discussion's presentation

Note: it's the official presentation (in Italian, but there are a lot of English terms) used in my ten minutes discussion in front of the commission (Profs. Vitaliani R., Rinaldo A., Gambolati G., Saladin P., Scotta R., Sanavia L., Defina A., Susin F., Maritan A., see here the M.Sc. announcement for that day (in Italian!) ---> M.Sc. announcement) on 10/25/2006 at Aula di Medicina, Palazzo del Bo', Università di Padova; it's in ppt format (made with MS Office 2003 PPT) with various animations, therefore it is really inside a rar archive.

Extended Thesis Presentation

Note: it's an "extension" of the last official presentation (see above), so arguments are more better explained! Therefore it's in pdf format so the unique animation I have create in it doesn't work in this way (it's the animation regarding the coarse grained scheme (in the relative slide you can see three networks, respectively with CG parameter double than the last one), used, for example, in an "inverse mode" (kriging) in Hydro_Gen (I have generated rainfall fields with two "kriging" refinements, and ...thanks to Prof. Alberto Bellin!)).

MSc THESIS "WHOLE" (updated 19/10/2006)

You can download the whole thesis HERE (about 280 pages in Italian (but there are a lot of English terms), 15 Mb); it has not got the official final "title page" (or "cover page", ...I don't know really which is the best word!) so here there is the final "title page" ---> OfficialCoverPage.pdf


Here are chapters separately, therefore they have not the same official style (LaTeX style) of the entire thesis but the contect is the final updated! Oh, the thesis is all in Italian but there are a lot of English terms! I advice to download the entire thesis!.

FrontPreIndx.pdf   (Title page + Preface + Index)














(It's not really an official part of the M.Sc. thesis manuscript, they are only C codes integrating the FluidTurtles one)


SOME STUFF   (in background OCN for rainfall isotropic field with exp. cov., corr. scale I=20, var.=1, mean=1)

Grand Canyon, Colorado River Basin, from NASA Earth Observatory


Fractal Basin "Mojo World"


Fractal Cloud "Mojo World" (high fractal dimension)


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