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Have you ever tried  to make thousands of Volts of electricity pass through your body?

Your nerves and muscles, totally out of control,  strain themselves until a spasm, deforming your appearance and physical proportions until you are made unrecognizable.

You feel as if all over your body you were perforated by a flux of burning electrons, and you can see a myriad of thunderbolts come out from the extremities of your body and from your eyes.

Veins seem as though they should be popping out of your body, your crazed heart stops  beating and suddenly, racked with convulsion, you feel that you aren’t able to breathe anymore.

I have seen creatures to whom this process happens over and over again, innate in their own nature and metabolism, beings whose bodies produce enormous quantities of energy that, finally, must be released, and the release  is sudden and violent.

The next time you see a storm, therefore, don’t  try and find an atmospheric interpretation, but try to look  carefully  between the clouds and maybe you will also manage to glimpse a  “Lord of Thunder”.



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