there's only silence
in this place
without sound.
here's really quiet
nothing happens
and no one cries.
neither a whisper
lonely thoughts
in higher clouds.
there's no more time
and everything
is gonna stop.
I need more silence,
just like this one
just like now.
Silence in my mind,
silence all around,
silence in the sky,
silence underground.


No lyrics, no words
nothing to say
no comment today.
In your room
in your car
in your mouth
in your life
Earth stops turning
lovers stop kissing
eyes stop tearing
heart stops beating
books stop selling
kids stop playing
winds stop blowing
sun stops burning
stars stop shining
cars stop crashing
clocks stop working
pens stop writing
No lyrics, no words
nothing to say
no comment
no comment today.


Drowned with all my emotions,
people, things, facts, dreams;
sometimes something looms out
like mental videos
showing lived instants
and I tremble
and I laugh
and I thrill
and I smile.
Floating memories
on the sea of my mind,
I'm overload
I'm in stand -by.
Suddenly in a day like others
a scent evokes my past
so I can remember
best moments of my life
like in a trance roundabout
and I tremble
and I laugh
and I thrill
and I see
floating memories
on the sea of my mind,
I'm overload,
I'm in stand-by.
Floating memories
on the sea of my mind
all things done
appears on the surface
And I see my face
coming through the age
and I see school days
coming back today
and I live again
all my holidays
all my sunny days
all my yesterdays.


She's a metal blonde
age 33
she likes her automobile
she likes cold steel.
Making love over wheels
she lost the control of speed
she had everything she needs:
two scars from ears to heels.
Driving night and day
on the highway
in this way she prays:
Just another crash
for the perfect gash
just another crash
and I'll be a masterpiece.
Now her body
is melted with a cabriolet
and her blood
is blended with the gasoline
on the road.


And the snow comes down
over hills and towns
and the people die
without realize...
I'm just a pilgrim
in this changing reality
face the future,
the future is now
remember the past,
the past is today.
Living across the years
now I'm a child, now I'm here,
now I'm old, now I die
then I'm still alive.
I'll never die
living all times
Slaughterhouse Five
c'mon, let's dive.
And the bombs comes down
over hills and towns
and the people die
without realize.


My ears are blooding
my head's exploding
the noise is rising
the drums are beating
the crowd is moving
across the ages
all worlds are stages
all words are told.
This sound is louder
than a thunder in the sky
I can't resist,
I don't realize.
Pain Dance
and the day is gone
Pain Dance
rituals overcome
Pain Dance
and the day will come
Pain Dance
rituals overcome.


Seven are the wonders
seven are the days
seven are the sacraments
seven are the lives
seven are the virtues
seven are the sins and
seven is the number of the fate.

Now the clouds are covering the sky
and the wind is blowing on my eyes.
Number seven
nearly Heaven
number seven
One for sorrow
two for joy
three for girls
and four for boys
five for silver
six for gold
seven for a secret never be told
Number seven
nearly Heaven
number seven
master key.


There's a tree on the hill
but I'm not here
I hear a voice, maybe a child
but I'm not here
he's calling me but I'm not here,
but I'm not here.
Sunset now, birds have flown
but I'm not here,
near a farm some people talk
but I'm not here.
I can see them but I'm not here,
but I'm not here.
Time doesn't matter now,
not anymore,
now I can see everything from here.
No tear, baby don't cry
not here, across the years.
There's a tree on that hill
and I'm still here.
I hear a voice, maybe a boy
and I see him.
He's calling me and I run from the hill
through the meadows, face to wind
to embrace him
while the daylight is leaving the tree
I am still here.


This is the definitive song
there's no time for other attempts
so this is the ultimate call
now the curtain falls.
This is the definitive song
I’ve no time to try again
so this is the final one
put it into a frame.
Remember the tune
don't loose the refrain :
The days are colder (winter comes)
my life is shorter (anyway)
the game is over (play no more)
all songs are done.
The end is near (really close)
The end is coming (very fast)
The end is here (suddenly)
This song has gone.


Nobody understand, nobody understand
but everything is clear, everything is real.
See your life, see my life,
hear your scream, hear my scream
(all fall down).
Let me cry, see me cry,
let me sing, let me play
this last song.
Rosebud in my mind
Rosebud is my life
Rosebud is my childhood
Rosebud in the fire.
Snow is falling down from the sky
and it's time to die.
I call your name one more time
but it's time to die
and all the moments of my life
come back in my mind
when I was a happy child
but now it's time