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The wonderfull history of Italy, the  Country in the Middle of the Sea

August 14,  2013. All rights reserved



Atlantis was still living  the time in which  Solon (a Greek statist whose life is not very well known and dated!) in the first quart of 600 B. C. is told to have received the tale of Atlantis  from the priests of Sais in Egypt (who at the time where no more capable to read hieroglyphic   and hieratic writing and where not capable even to tell the Egyptian history as testifies a century later Herodotus, with the same priests of Sais). Before the Greeks, two Roman kings of Atlantis had committed to Homer the travel of Odysseus (Numa Pompilius, 715-673) and the Hanger of Achilles (Tullus Hostilius, 673-642). If Homer was a son of art we could attribute to an ancestor of his a poem made for the same Romulus (753-715), who in 749 B. C.  celebrated the xyz° anniversary of Atlantic Rome founded on Capital hill. We have in Iliad an episode in which Hector is going to the attack of Greek ships to put fire on them, and is hit by a stone on his head. I think this is an artistic fashion to evocate in the same time the real episode of Romulus who,  back from Troy,  does a coup d’états against the fortress on  Capitol hill and king Titus Tatius. In the same action in direction of the Carinae,  Romulus was hit by a    stone on his head and for a while was out of order, but soon after he won the war. So Homer knew Romulus (Hostus Hostilius) of the Hostilia/Odysseia  gens and, more important, Tullus Hostilius, his descendant, liked to remember Romulus/Odysseus in Odyssey and Iliad. The passage I have just mentioned  could be excerpted by Homer from a poem on Romulus made by an ancestor of his for the saeculum fallen in 749 B. C. Atlantis was  destroyed by the  Greek tales!  Nevertheless Atlantis was a contradiction in terms, since  we do not have the artistic and mobile proofs of her greatness from 10000 to Romulus times. Egypt was a great nation and we possess not only mute and huge   pyramids but also statues and gold fine art objects. Nothing of the like with Atlantis. We have only Nuraghi and cyclopic walls in the Castelli Romani. No objects of art in precious metal, in the land famous for metallurgy and riches of precious metals. It is simple in this case  to put in circle the tale  of  a catastrophe, seen the geographic configuration of Italy made of isles (Peninsula, Sardinia, Sicily, at the time probably Corsica too) which seem to be split out from an original island. I remind that by Diodorus of Sicily the Peninsula (really he intended with  this name the name of the capital, but it is clear from Platon that Rome on Capital hill,  was in the middle of the island and near the sea, like Rome is in the middle from north to south and near the sea) was called Chersonese (in Greek, “Peninsula”). The Hesiod’s holy isles of the Tyrrhenians, the Egyptian Haw nebw.



Italy was probably at the origin of world civilization. So it is likely  right what tells Plato about  the birth of Atlantis about 12000 years ago. It was the end of the last glacial era (10000 B. C.).  In the middle between Paleolitic and Neolitic  we have the uprising of Mediterranean waters (the Plato’s  Deluge, who did not submerge Atlantis, on the contrary it marked its beginning!  The history of Eden is like that of Plato’s Atlantis. A god creates the first man and woman (obviously Homo sapiens sapiens; I know perfectly that hominids were born first in Africa, I am not a creationist; I  follow Darwin and evolutionism)… in Italy.  These like Atlantis peoples are obviously bad and god punishes them with the submersion of the Island Atlantis or chasing Adam and Eve to the East in the region of Tigris (Idiglat) and Euphrates (Puratu) two rivers which ought to flew from Eden, but Eden is Italy, and of the two other rivers Pison and Gihon we do not find trace. In the East we find Semite and Camite, so it is there that the sons of Adam and Eve did multiply. God put a barrier between Orientals and Eden, so Eden is in Occident. In Occident ItalyAtlantis/Eden live the sons of Japhet/Giapetus, and in fact here we find the Garden of Hesperids in Hesperia (the land of the West, where the Sun goes down). In the Bible the fruit of the tree of  wisdom of bad and good is the oak of prophecy (the priests do not want anybody  practice prophecy before Aaron “brother of Moses”, the only authorised with his sons). In the popular tradition everybody knows not of the fruit of oak, but of the apple. Eve eats a apple. The apples of the tree of the Hesperids!   In the Iliad Hera tells that she will go to met with is father and mother Saturn/Chronos and Rhea/Ops in the extreme Occident where lives Giapetus/Japhet, and Italy is the Saturnia tellus (the earth of Saturn). Giapetus is the father of  Italians, Aeolians,  from Aeolus, Tyrrhenians,  Europeans (not Indeuropeans!). From 10000 B. C. it is the sea which divides Atlantics from Eastern (Semitic and Camitic) peoples, From 8000 B.C. it is the desertification of Sahara (that is the “Desert”). It is in this period of  isolation that our Italian language,  Greek, forms itself, and Nausikaa, Roman princess, stresses this isolation to Odysseus/Romulus.


Carl Marx says that the products of a man are equivalent to  his realization (objectivation). A man identifies itself with his creations, a man is his products. So a complex of men identifies himself with his civilization. When  he and others admire his works, the man is aware of his existence and celebrate his power. Where is civilization there is Homo sapiens sapiens, that is we, the men.      Cro-Magnon from about 35.000 is the only actor of world history. I Think that the Neanderthal (Homo sapiens) can be the author of Bask-Caucasian languages. These men could walk from Africa to Europe over the ice. From 10000 and 8000 B. C. the Cro-Magnon of Europe evolved  apart and, from Italy outside, spoke Greek  (more generally Europeans) dialects.



It is not necessary to say that Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon walk  on the ice through the Gibraltar straight. In  glacial periods the water of the sea goes down and earth emerges, so another most important, and prior!, way was that through Tunisia and Sicily, where are now Pantelleria, Lampedusa, Lampione, Linosa, Gozo, Malta. See the chart of Shackleton and van Andel. Malta civilization goes back to V millennium B.C.  Some think that this civilization comes from Sicily.  Tassili civilization of Alger (Libyan Amazons) is about V millennium B. C. too.



European languages were exported primarily  by the Tyrrhenians to the East, so the kentum  (Greek ekaton) dialects become satem and not vice versa. About 1520 B. C. we won the Hyksos and occupied Crete, Egypt, Surya-Palestine, all. Coming back from the Troy war Odysseus  speaks in Greek without interpreter in all the Mediterranean countries, since all speaks Greek in Mare Nostrum.  King Alkinoos is at the head of 12 kings like the 10 kings of Atlantis, in the late time corresponding to the Etruscan confederation since Etruscans from the roundabouts of Troy (Lemnians) installed themselves on the ancient Tyrrhenians land (the land of  the people of towers, Nuraghi, which were also in Latium made of wood, see Pyrgi, Pyrgo, tower, fortified city (German   Burg) in the roundabouts of Civitavecchia (Rome). In the same time Latin emerged from the arriving of Sabin pastoral peoples. The Greeks (who knew well Greek language) continued to call all these different peoples and languages (Greek, Latin, Etruscan)  Tyrrhenians. The only to my knowledge  who lets identify Romans with Tyrrhenians of Greek language  is always Dionysius of Halikarnassus.   



We can imagine Alkinoos and Arete, kings of Rome,  listening to Odysseus/Romulus report about the freedom of Troy and his travel back home.  


Atlantic civilization of Tullus Hostilius and Homer is atheistic, better, statolatric (who adore its State). Ancient Romans have Atlantis and  Rome as  goddesses, their kings like Odysseus/Romulus as gods, and the great men in every field of action, still living. The gods of Rome are the death ancestors too, who are imagined to live like shadows and to participate to the lives of their sons not being capable to change things. I am speaking of the real spirit of Roman-Etruscan and also High Syrian (Ebla) civilisation  reflected in the Homeric poems.  The real gods are so the livings.  We breath the proud to be Romans and to serve the Roman state (see Hector in the Iliad). Roman kingdom is the only religion.      The Roman gods are descended from Heaven to the Earth, are the Romans themselves. And this image we find also in Hebrew and Greek tradition after these peoples robbed it to us. In the first chapters of Genesis (6, 1-4) we have the image of the sons of the gods (elohim) the Giants (Goliath was a Philistine Giant; Tyrrhenians Titans; it was a way to indicate the race and upper classes, not the high stature; on the contrary Romans were of little stature)   famous heroes… of the Troy war like Eneas, son of Aphrodite and Anchise or Achilles, son of Tetis and Peleus)   who are getting worst (bad men  who do evil things) as time goes on, along with their mixing with  mortal women (daughters of Seth, the son of Adam, that is Oriental women). The perfectly same view is in Plato’s Atlantis so that the gods decide to destroy the Atlantics. The same Bible tells that god decided to send the Deluge on earth (to destroy the Atlantics). This is what Oriental peoples hoped, the damnatio memoriae (memory oblivion) of Romans. And they realized it without being able to destroy Italy.   


In the Neolitic age the hunting change and it is domesticated the wolf who becomes the she wolves who gave milk to Romulus and the dog Argus of Odysseus. The woman rise to the first step during agriculture (matriarchal regime).



Paleolitic Venus,  Grimaldi cave of  Balzi Rossi (Imperia), 35.000-10.000  B. C.


We find fertility goddesses,  the historic mother goddesses. The mother of Romulus was Rhea Silvia. For the first time in history a man  is son of a priestess and of a god (Mars). Sargon was not son of a god. Many queen mothers travel from Italy to seat in the different kingdoms at the side of their husbands on Troy, Thebes,  Phaistos, Biblos, Jerusalem. It is possible that Troy, Crete and Egypt were part of Atlantis kingdom at least since about 1800-2000 B.C. In the incipit of Phaistos Disk Italy is a goddess named Ausonia (first name of Italy, says Dionysus) and Cretan palaces are oriented to the West in the direction of the capital of the empire, Rome.



The lady of Brassempouy, Aquitany, France, 20.000 a. C. Is it not very fine this woman? Surely Sumer or Akkad did  not realize fine art like this.   


Our tradition in Greek language (Apollodorus Bibliothec) tells that we (Epaphos)  found Memphis in about 3150 B. C. that is the unification under Menes/Aha/Narmer, and we have similar tradition/archaeological proves for the foundation of Troy (17 ships on a silver sword from Dorak, Troy region, 2500 B. C.; and Palladium tradition, where Athena was born in the Tiber river, Triton, and the Palladium thrown  in the place where a day would be erected Troy by Poseidon and Apollus, two ancient Roman gods; Semite peoples interpreted Roman Poseidon with Dagon of the Philistines). Romulus introduced in Rome Dyaus the Sky/Yahweh/Zeus/Iupiter gen. Iovis, who presumably, during the  sea peoples wars, had become the military god (Yahweh was a mercenary troops god similar to Reshef) of his Sardi soldiers, so Rome was probably the first city to adore Yahweh, but Rome was not in the hands of priests, fortunately for mankind.



Epaphus mother,  the Italian Io, before to come  to Egypt and born her child, spoke with  Prometeus the ancestor of the Atlantic people. Greeks robbed our tradition but were not as clever as I am.



Atlantis was a civilization of the ox. Ancient hunters had a religious respect of  ox and other animals. Ox became a god since they killed it to be eaten from all the tribe. Someone who gives his flesh and verse his blood to give you life is not a common person. He is a friend, a father, a god-father of the tribe. I think ancient hunters were well aware they committed homicide(!) of their father-god the ox.  A necessary crime, since without flesh the tribe and particularly the little boys and girls, women would die.  So the god-father would be eaten in a ceremonial banquet so to put the crime of homicide on the shoulders of  all the tribe, and, what is more important, to eat all the tribe the flesh of the god so to be sanctified by this holy meal, and to be strengthened by the spirit of the ox. So the Hebrew  priests in general are right to pretend the killing of an animal with four legs in an authorized  temple, where the  priests  guarantee “in a modern way” the ancient religious killing of the primitive men. All religions of the god who dies and is born anew are  natural, and false, religions. All religions are false! Christians create a similar false and obsolete religion. They put at the place of the ox or the lamb a man(!) to be sacrified(!), son of Mary and of a god (copying Romulus of Roman people), and imagine that the death of the man son of god purifies  Christians who eat the flesh of the son (their brother) of god and drink his blood (in parallel Christians speak of bread and vine, of the agricultural  Neolithic age). The death of Jesus Christ cancel the original sin, that is the killing of the god-father, thinks Freud, of God himself! But there is not such an original sin in the Bible. There is only a sin of non-authorised prophecy stopped before the beginning, regarding the “killing” of an apple!  A sin against the Aaronite priests and not against god. If god exists he must punish men who created a sin against themselves bypassing the will of god! Moreover it is unjust that for the sin of the fathers (Adam and Eve) pay the sons (we mankind). Now we, on the law founded by Rome, are educated to judge that the sin is personal, and so taught also Hebrews such Jeremy Musite (31, 29-30) and Ezekiel Aaronite ((18, 2-4) in the Bible, much time before “Jesus” and Christians.  

But Freud is not a common man, and I had noticed some stratifications in the Bible tradition such as the descendants of Adam, who are  very similar to the descendants of Seth (the son born after Cain killed Abel), and vice versa. I never taught of Cain as a bad men, never, wherever  my research leaded. Cain represent the settled men and so if it was the case Abel the nomad would be wrong killing Cain (that is what I taught). Now I think that in a first redaction of the Canaanite religion, Cain killed the lamb-god (Abel was a pastor) or, better, the ox-god,  obviously a pagan religion in the sight of Hebrews. So Cain was “punished” by Hebrews priests and accused of the killing of Ab(u)-El, Abu “father”, El “god”, the Taurus god-father adored in Canaan since the III millennium B. C.   So Freud was right, in a ideal manner, under the sight of abstract anthropology.  But in reality Freud was wrong.  Christian religion (born in Israel devastated by Assyrians) was not connected with Hebrew religion (of Jude) and Jesus is Christian, while the original sin is Hebrew, and not connected with a killing of a father god, but with the prohibition  of prophecy (not to eat the fruit of prophetic oak). Christian religion is like the obsolete Palaeolithic  wheel of stone which  Fantozzi (a unfortunate, typical worker class, not too handsome and not too intelligent  man of fantasy created by great Italian comic Paolo Villaggio; staying to Paolo Villaggio, god first create Fantozzi and is wife, a case of misfortunate experimentation, and the second time  he creates Adam and Eve beautiful and, what is important, clever and fortunate)  brings with him in the course of time   without realizing what can be actually its use. The lesson is important (comics in Italy are much more intelligent than other people; comics are serious and serious actors sometimes make us laugh) why our modern society carries  with her in his millenary travel so many not useful things a day (Palaeolithic, Neolithic) necessary, now no more. In the time it was created, Christianity was a criminal religion implying (ideal) cannibalism. In the true history I discovered thanks to  Flavius Joseph Hebrew priest (Judaic war) “Jesus Christ” was a criminal, the   Egyptian false prophet (named also in Paul’s Acts of Apostles; we loose his traces in the first 60ies) who promoted the conquest of Jerusalem (where innocent Hebrews were closed inside and dead in various manner, since Romans could not distinguish one from the other in that mass)  by assassins of not Hebrews descent (coming from the ex northern state of Israel) like Simon of Ghiora (Peter; strangulated  in the Tullianum the year 71 A. D. before the triumph of Vespasian and sons) and John of Giscala (the evangelist author of Apocalypse; condemned to vital prison).

Freud spoke of father killing by his sons. He lost a good occasion to proof his thesis since did not search in the direction of our (of Atlantis) history stolen by Greeks and present in Apollodorus Bibliothec. Here in ancient Italy Saturn/Crone eat his Titan sons not to let them take the power, and, not to let them copulate with his spouse/their mother. So Rhea/Ops who in reality had the right to give kingdom (matriarchal system of Palaeolithic Big Mother), gave  one of them a weapon made of iron, and this kills Saturn. In the Greek stolen tradition the Titan is Zeus but this is a mystification since Zeus is a late (after 1200 B. C.) Illyrian Thracian Armenian Greek god.  The religious scheme is made from the real anthropologic situation where the indo-European poter (the poter man is who has power on the clan, tribe etc.)/pater (father) is at the head of a clan/tribe and has various wives and concubines so that there is the risk that one of them  (Bila, Abisag) copulate with a son (Ruben, Adonia) of the poter (Jahqob, David) challenging the crown.   From this is born the practice of killing the innocents (like that of whom is unjustly accused Herod the Great who did never encounter the Egyptian false prophet) later on substituted by the ver sacrum   (sacred Summer) in which the young people where kicked out of feet and invited to found a new community. The taboo is a strictly historic prohibition (to safe the power and life of the clan poter), not to copulate with women of the same clan/tribe.  In Italy/Atlantis arouse matriarchal societies so to impede that a king gives the crown to who may be not his son. Romans told: mater semper certa  est, pater numquam (and Telemachus, son of Odysseus, express  this same tradition).  In the matriarchal society it is certain that the son of the sister (daughter of the same mother) carries the same blood. So we understand why Egyptians too intermarried  brother and sister. But the sister did transfer the kingdom rights to his brother. The Oedipus complex is a natural law fact which has not to do with what I have told since now. But it is certainly a determining factor of marginal  historic facts.  


Atlantis was the Empire of Taurus, from the Spanish (nowadays) to the Cretan corridas. The 12/10 kings, like late Etruscan  confederation heir of the Tyrrhenian one, had in ancient times Rome as capital (from which Tarquinia and Cere took the annual fixing of nails ceremony) .


The Vapheio cup (Athen’s  archaeological   Museum)  could well be an Atlantis fine art object


Atlantis kings captured the sacrificial Taurus among others in the Poseidon sanctuary (imagine a rectangular court such as those of Cretan palaces). The taboo prohibited to use iron weapons. They used lassos and clubs of wood.   They eat the Taurus and drunk its blood (I think mixed with good Italian wine) of the Taurus in golden cups.  They judged at night dressed in blue, sitting near the  fire of the sacrifice, and, the morning come, they  used to write their sentences on sheets of gold like the three (two in Etruscan and 1 in Phoenician/Punic) we found in the Ino Leucothea  Pyrgi’s sanctuary (Santa Severa; Leucothea, the “White goddess”, was the second wife of Italian king  Atamans, and died with is son Palemon in the waters of Pyrgi, where she saves Odysseus from shipwrecks near Alkinoos palace; the sons (Frissus and Elles) of the first wife of Atamans,  are kneed to the Argonauts saga), the port of ours Argonauts frequently devastated by Greeks for its treasures and, firstly, to make the damnatio memoriae of our history  saved in   B and A temples. All these treasures the kings of Atlantis left as a record to the sanctuary (Platon Critia).



The End







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