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Luigi Pizzimenti - astronomical lecture at the Museo Doria in Genova

October 2003: a small update of my web page.

There is a new URL for the Associazione Ligure Astrofili Polaris:
And there is a very interesting link about vie ferrate (equipped paths) with lots of pictures and information about the best vie ferrate in the Dolomites! 

Clicca qui per la versione in italiano.

In the astronomical section there are my studies about astronomy and celestial mechanics: SPACE, a program for the orbit calculation! It is possible to solve the Kepler's equation and get predictions on position for asteroids, comets and planets downloading SPACE, an astronomical program that I wrote using Matlab and Simulink. The results are very good!
There is page with photos and videos of the Associazione Polaris in Genova, with the astronomical lectures in the "Museo di Storia Naturale G. Doria" and star parties!
Thanks to Carlos' digital camera there are new images of the Atacama Desert and the visit at the ESO's VLT - Very Large Telescope Observatory on top of the Cerro Paranal, in my astronomical page.
That's what you can find about me in these pages:

One of my hobbies is going on excursions in the mountains, especially in the Dolomites. However, my favourite hobby is astronomy. In 1994 with other friends, I founded the astronomical club Associazione Ligure Astrofili POLARIS which organizes astronomical and astronautical lectures in the "G. Doria" Natural History Museum in Genoa.

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Polaris and its members:

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