I Rettili

The "Reptilian" brand of "Aliens" is a broad category of extra-terrestrials which have taxonomical characteristics similar to the Earthling class, reptilia. Several species have been in residence on Earth for centuries, making them extra-terrestrial only in origin. During their lengthy tenure here, they are said to have bred with several different Earthling species including humans. Reptilians are said to be "soul-less", however, mating with humans is said to transfer a "soul-matrix"from the human to the ET. The actual number of reptilian species is in debate among E.T. scholars. Some experts claim there are 3 basic divisions. Others say 16. Still others claim up to 70 different distinctions between reptilian types.

It's hard to put a finger on how much of this "alienology" or "ETology" is guesswork, since there are no known specimens in captivity, live or dead. To further muddle any attempts at empirical evidence, we have conspiracies which hold that "the government " (or the aliens who really run the government or whoever really pushes all the supposed buttons) is withholding the truth about E.T.'s. Amidst the flurries of assertions, abductee testimonials and sightings, the following are some characteristics of reptilians that reflect at least some semblance of a consensus.

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