Grey IMG

Grey IMG

That disproportionate head, those large almond-shaped eyes, button nose, three digits, and ashen grey skin...This month's featured alien species, Greys are as familiar to the world community as domesticated cats and dogs.

Their story on Earth begins in a spacecraft cruising northwest above the New Mexico desert on July 2, 1947. A pioneering species from the Zeta Reticuli star system, the Greys were busy conducting a survey of Earth when their craft was downed near Roswell.

Inadvertent exposure of the wreckage to the public prompted an immediate government response.

While the government publically dismissed the whole affair, they spent tens of millions of dollars and two presidential terms making sense of what and who they'd found.

Government sponsored disinformation abounds to this day, including alleged Grey autopsy footage, poorly doctored photos and intentionally inaccurate "eye witness" statements...

Greys represent the elite of the alien vanguard. Tireless abductors of nearly every species of sentient life on the planet, Greys have appeared in countless abduction stories. Details in abduction accounts across the globe, in the form of sketches, diagrams and language fragments remain consistant regardless of geographical, social or economic factors.

Homebase: Zeta Reticuli system. Host star: Tau Ceti, a magnitude 4 star (like our own, only a little dimmer and smaller) of spectral type G8 in the Cetus system. Light from T. Ceti takes 10 years to reach Earth.

The first government sponsored, public 'search' for exterrestrial intelligence, SETI has pointed its antennas at T. Ceti for nearly 20 years.

The privately funded HORN antenna array in Wales, UK began a radio frequency assay of T. Ceti in 1963.

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