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Wandering along
Danube by bike
Laura and Ivan from Parma (Italy) 
The german Danube
The heroes!PROLOGUE Happiness trees in Bavaria
The starting idea arose during summer of '97, I think: we were looking for a "bike ride" different from summer holidays in The Netherlands (by bike, too). Reading tourist handbooks we discovered a path along the river Danube in Germany from source in Schwarzwald till to the Austrian frontier, well signed, not too difficult for legs not trained to up-and-down roads and above all suitable for families with children. A fast navigation on the WEB allowed us to find some interesting sites, in particular about German DONAURADWANDERWEG, holiday report of   Comai Fam. from Trento during 1992: very useful advice and an itinerary with stages of approx. 50/60 km. Another interesting report on the QuiTouring italian magazine (july 1997, Coppola Fam. from Padova, dad, mum and three years child!); useful equipment a road map of Germany and Italian Touring Club green handbook, but the most important thing was the infinite cycling love!

DonauquelleMON, AUGUST 10, 1998
Bikes on the top of the car and go! Arriving to Donaueschingen where the cyclistic adventure starts. Time estimated of cycling: about two weeks. Some hours of training around home in flat country (max. 30/40 km per day, during the evening or weekends before leaving) and simple equipment. Essential are bike short trousers to protect the "saddle" and something against flat tires. We arrive to Donaueschingen railways station at 16 (650 meters on the sea level): this is the starting point of the holiday thinking to come back with train to the car. After the last check to the "horses", we begin to look for the Donauquelle, the official source of Danube in the garden of Von Furstenberg castle and the first sign of Donauradweg. The Danube is no more than a channel, narrow and quiet; is it actually one of the most important rivers of Europe? From here the bike path runs along the country, some light hills look at the valley. The road is flat and easy to travel. Stretches of asphalt alternate to gravel: first broken out pneumatic after half an hour from start (bad luck!). A fast stop for repairing and after two hours of bike beside the river, we decide to look for an hotel for the night, in the liiiiittle village of Kirchen: the first travel is enough (25 km, and the car?). We don't know if and when we will arrive to Passau, the last city of Germany on the Danube, because we didn't test our training to the long distances. The important is ... let's try!

TUE, AUGUST 11 the Danube is narrow after few km
Today it will be an intense day: Laura and I have to recover time after the few kilometers of yesterday. At the end, arrived to Sigmaringen, we collected 85 km in 6 hours and half. Good, for the second stage (please get information from the saddles...). In the morning, supplies at the supermarket (fruits and pneumatics, of course...), stops next to the Danube "underground" (Donauversickerung), a visit in the hill country to the medieval nice village of Muhlheim. Then the path enters the woods along the river, with ancient castles and abbeys. Roads become up-and-down and the rise before Inzigkofen is hard for our legs. Sometimes the bike, full of luggage and bags, force us to carry on walking. Then the arrival to Sigmaringen, where we want to sleep. Before darkness, visit to the castle and to the nice town.

ObermarchtalWED, AUGUST 12 Today it is my birthday! We start early: a small diversion from the official path to watch an old abbey with "kloster" at Heiligkreuztal. Unfortunately the hills are full of up-and-downs. Another abbey is visible on the path, in the village of  Obermarchtal, where the rain fell sudden but light on our heads. The village is built around narrow and twisted streets on which old houses appear. In the country woods and meadows paint the landscape. We arrive to  Munderkingen after 72 km, sweet village under light rain.

THU, AUGUST 13 cycling towards Ulm
We cycle towards Ulm, birth place of Albert Einstein, the weather is cloudy. The city has old appearance: the bike path goes along the big river next to the impressive gothic cathedral. People look more "citizens", some tourists watch monuments and walk among the houses of the fishers district. The last part of the stage toward Gunzburg is inside the forest: here we meet two frendly  not more young men who with their bikes lead us to find a hotel for the night. And so we cycled for 75 km more!

the ferry (very friendly sailor!)FRI, AUGUST 14
Along the Danube, which now can be navigable, we see nice villages like Gundelfingen. In the afternoon we reach Donauworth, beautiful little town from which starts the Romantischestrasse.

Another transfer stage toward Ingolstadt without trouble, except the very hot weather of midday. The town sleeps in this hot sunny summer afternoon.

Weltenburg gorgesSUN, AUGUST 16
A day of hot sunshine and in the afternoon one of the most impressive panoramas of the holiday, Donaudurchbruch: the Danube dug rocks along the centuries and created wonderful sights. The path stops at the Weltenburg abbey, now transformed in restaurant full of German enjoying people. Here it is compulsory to take the ferry and go across the river. When it is allowed by the river water, big boats sail to Kelheim, otherwise small boats carry people (and bikes!) on the other bank, where the bike path goes on. The rocks we see along the river have names depending on their shape. We meet happy rowers and swimmers looking for refresh. Stop to Bad Abbach, spa village. We are tired, our legs have 500 km of bike inside, the hot weather is heavy.An der schonen blauen Donau... with bikes!

After few kilometers we reach Regensburg. Here I have to come back to Donaueschingen by train to the car park (500 km by train + 500 km by car). Laura visits the city and its art treasures.

Totentanz - skeleton danceTUE, AUGUST 18
I visit Regensburg in hurry and then we go on, with cloudy and rainy weather. On the hills near Regensburg we go up to the Walhalla, German heroes white marble temple similar to the Greek Parthenon which watches all the Danube valley with nice landscape (maybe with the sunshine, I suppose!). The river runs slowly, boats sail loaded with goods. We arrive to Straubing after 65 km.

The morning starts with the visit to the Saint Peter's Church just out of the town walls. Around the church there is a graveyard with old tombs and chapels painted with impressive original skeleton dances (Totentanz). The river offers many chances to go across with ferries. Friendly and cheap the sailors. A stop at the Metten abbey, with its famous painted and rich library. We sleep at Osterhofen after 72 km of cycling.

THU, AUGUST 20 The three rivers city
From Osterhofen to Passau, last stage of the holiday. the last path is not beautiful because we lost the signs and went along the State road full of vehicles. Passau is at the confluence of three rivers, a little bit different from the other town we met on the path. We try to go towards the Austrian boundary, but traffic is too heavy and tiresome. We prefer to come back to Regensburg, where the car is waiting for us. We just did it! At the end the bike computer says 750 km! A beautiful trip, no doubt. Without heavy training, along a well signed path by the Donauradwanderweg tables.

If you like nature and open air life, if the bike is your favourite for relaxing holidays, we say to you "ENJOY DANUBE".