Casella di testo: Lioneye Arabian
Wind Flower-  about us 
Casella di testo:

Wind Flower was born in the “Ippocastano” stables, in Viadana (Mantova area). But, soon his breeder, Luigi FERRO, transferred him to the enchanted hills of Veneto to the property “Le Corone” of Gianfranco PARLATO in Cavalo di Fumane.

I received WindFlower in March 2003. He was just an amazing Full Blood Arabian colt.

Wind Flower had never been saddled, but his balanced character turned the work of Guido Sasso, the trainer, into a true pleasure.

His wonderful temper and the great trust he puts in humans, makes Wind Flower today, a young horse gifted with great calm, brave and kindness.

I am lucky to have him!