Aleksandra Kostic
Professor on Social Psychology
University of Nis
Faculty of Philosophy
Cirila i Metodija
18 000 Nis, Serbia (Yugoslavia)

Aleksandra Kostic works as Assistant Professor of Social Psychology in the Department of Psychology and in the one of Sociology at the University of Nis in Serbia (Yugoslavia).
She gives courses on "Psychology of Learning" and "Psychology of Nonverbal Behavior".
She took her degree in Psychology in 1977 at the University of Nis.
Dr. Kostic made her post-graduate Studies in the field of Social Perception at the University of Belgrade (YU) and got the title of "Master on Social Psychology" in 1986.
Afterward, before taking her highest degree in Social Psychology in 1997, she spent six years, working with hidden cameras to get a
great deal of material on facial expression for her thesis.
Her research interests include examining the accuracy of social, emotional, and perceptual judgments, especially the judgments of primary emotions from the face, emotional intensity and antecedent-events.
She is particularly interested in cross-cultural study of facial expression, questions of universal antecedents of the emotions, research on deception and facial clues to deceit.
Finally,  she   contibutes  to  "Marco Pacori's Body  Language Web
Site" since march 2001).

Selected Publications:

Journal Articles:

hKostic, A. (2001): Procena   dogadjaja-uzrocnika  sest     bazicnih   emocija     
   (Judgment  of  antecedent-events  of  six  basic   emotions),  VII  Empirijska
   istrazivanja u psihologiji, Filozofski fakultet, Beograd, Zbornik rezimea.

hKostic, A. (1995). Opazanje primarnih emocija na osnovu spontanih facijal
   nih ekspresija (Perceiving  primary  emotions  from  spontaneous  facial ex-
   pressions). Psihologija, XXVIII broj 1-2, 101-108.

hKostic, A. (1995). Judgement of  emotions and  personal  traits  from  facial
   expressions. Facta Universitatis, Vol. 1, N02, 175-180

hKostic, A. (1985). Izrazavanje emocija licem i mogucnosti merenja  pokreta
   lica (Facial emotional expression and possibilities for measuring facial mo-
   vements).Zbornik Filozofskog fakulteta u Nisu,  knjiga IX, 137-144.

Other Works:

hKostic, A. (1997). Uticaj  osobina  licnosti  na  tacnost  opazanja  primarnih   
   emocija na osnovu  izraza lica (The  influence  of perceiver's personal traits
   on  accuracy  of  judgment  of  facial  emotional  expressions). Unpublished
   doctorial thesis (288 pages).