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A collection of document on Beauty and Attractiveness
Created and Mantained by Marco Pacori, Psychologist

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. Author: Elizabeth Austin
Review: Psychology Today, july 1999
Title: Marks of Mystery (psychological reaction to scars): why we find scars attractive  New Link

. Author: Gianluca Perseo
Review: Virtual Journal of Orthodontics [serial online] 2002 May 15; 4(3)
Title: A well known modified lower face profile analysis for all ethnic types and its contribution to cephalometric skeletal classes New Link

. Author: Gianluca Perseo
Review: Virtual Journal of Orthodontics ISSN - 1128 6547 -Issue 4.4 - 2002
Title: The "Beauty" of Homo sapiens sapiens: standard canons, ethnical, geometrical and morphological facial biotypes. - Part II -  Part III

. Author: Rita Ciceri
Source: "Say non to say" - Book chapter
Title: Seductive communication: paradoxical exhibition, obliquity
and nonverbal syncronization

. Authors: Holly Van Horsten, Amanda Blevins
Source: Research Project
Title: Determined Physical Attractiveness in Terms of Personality Traits

. Author: Singh D
Review: J Pers Soc Psychol. 1993 Aug;65(2):293-307.
Title: Adaptive significance of female physical attractiveness: role of waist-to-hip ratio

. Authors: Vanessa Correy, Jen Hatter, Sarah Quortrup & Heather Tinnell
Source: Web page
Physical Attractiveness and Same-sexed Friendships

. Authors: Nancy Bell and Mary Wilford
Review: Psychology MWSC
Title: The relationship between similarity of intelligence and attraction

. Authors: Unspecified
Source: Web Page
Male and female mate choice

. Authors: David Waynforth
Review: Human Nature
Title: Mate Choice trade-offs and women's preferences for physically attractive men

. Authors: Unspecified
Source: Web Page
Title: Male mate preferences for a relationship between facial attractiveness and hemispheric specialization.

. Authors: Anthony Charles Little
Review: Various reviews
Anthony Charles Little's Publications on attractiveness (Abstracts)

. Authors: Unspecified
Source: Junior Honours Project Web Page 1998
The Effect of Smiling on Judicial Decisions

. Authors: Bernhard Fink and Ian Penton-Voak
Source: Current Directions in Psychological Science, 11(5), 154-158
Evolutionary Psychology of Facial Attractiveness

. Authors: Mendy Johnson
Source: Web Page
Theory of Attraction

. Authors: Rikowski A, Grammer K
Review: Proceeding of the Royal Society B., vol. 266, 1422, pp. 869-874, 1999
Human body odour, simmetry and attractiveness - PDF

. Authors: Grammer, K., Fink, B., Juette, A., Ronzal, G. & Thornhill, R.
Source: in G. Rhodes & L. Zebrobwitz (Eds.). Advances in Visual Cognition. Volume I: Facial Attractiveness. Ablex Publishing.
Visual Female faces and bodies: n-dimensional feature space and attractiveness

. Authors: Atzwage Klaus, Grammer Karl
Source: Posted on Istitute for Urban Ethologie Web Site
Babyness and facial attraction

. Authors: Grammer Karl and Randy Thornhill
Review: Journal of Comparative Psychology. 108/3 pp 233-242.
Human Facial Attractiveness and Sexual Selection: The Roles of Averageness and Symmetry.

. Authors: Bernhard Fink, Karl Grammer, & Randy Thornhill
Source: Poster on Istitute for Urban Ethologie Web Site
Skin surface and female facial beauty

. Authors: Unspecified
Source: Web Site
The Science of female beauty

. Authors: Krebs D, Adinolfi AA
Review: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1975 Feb;31(2):245-53
Physical attractiveness, social relations, and personality style.

. Authors: Grush JE, Clore GL, Costin F
Review: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1975 Nov;32(5):783-9
Dissimilarity and attraction: when difference makes a difference.

. Authors: Unspecified
Source: Web Site
Virtual attractiveness

. Authors: Ronald Henss
Source: Web Page

Title: Ronald Henss publications on Attractiveness(Asbtracts)

. Authors: Steven W. Gangestad, Randy Thornhill and Christine E. Garver
Review: Proceedings: Biological Sciences, vo. 269 - p. 975, 7 may 2003 (commentary)

Title: Changes in women's sexual interests and their partners mate retention tactics across the menstrual cycle: evidence for shifting conflicts of interest

. Authors: I S Penton-Voak, D G Perret et others
Review: Nature, vol 399, 1999, june 24
Menstrual cycle alters face preference

. Authors: Unspecified
Source: Web Page 1996

. Authors:  Maggie T. McClafin
Review: MWSC, 1996
A Make.Over for royalty: the relationship of physical attractiveness and perceptions of leadership ability

. Authors: Allan Mazur e Ulrich Mueller
Review: Research on Biopolitics, Vol. 4, 1996
Facial Dominance

. Author: Waynforth D
Review: Nature, december, 30. 2000
Mate choice tradeoffs and women's preference for psysically attractive men PDF

. Author: Ian Penton-Voak
Review: Social Research, spring, 2000
Consistency and Individual Differences in Facial Attractiveness Judgements: An Evolutionary Perspective.

. Author: Edward M. Miller
Source: Abstract Presented at the August 1993 Binghamton meeting of the Human Evolution and Behavior Society
Breasts: Their Evolutionary Origins as a Deceptive Signal of Need for Provisioning and Temporary Infertility.

. Author: Adrian Furnham
Review: Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, August, 1998
The role of body weight, waist-to-hip ratio, and breast size in judgments of female attractiveness.

. Authors: DePaulo BM, Stone JI, Lassiter GD
Review: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1985 May;48(5):1191-203
Telling ingratiating lies: effects of target sex and target attractiveness on verbal and nonverbal deceptive success.

. Authors: Cunningham MR, Barbee AP, Pike CL
Review: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1990 Jul;59(1):61-72
What do women want? Facialmetric assessment of multiple motives in the perception of male facial physical attractiveness.

. Authors: Mealey L, Bridgstock R, Townsend GC
Review: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1999 Jan;76(1):151-8
Symmetry and perceived facial attractiveness: a monozygotic co-twin comparison.

. Authors: Zebrowitz LA, Andreoletti C, Collins MA, Lee SY, Blumenthal J
Review: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1998 Nov;75(5):1300-20
Bright, bad, babyfaced boys: appearance stereotypes do not always yield self-fulfilling prophecy effects.

. Authors: Tidwell MC, Reis HT, Shaver PR
Review: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1996 Oct;71(4):729-45
Attachment, attractiveness, and social interaction: a diary study.

. Authors: Gump BB, Kulik JA
Review: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1997 Feb;72(2):305-19
Stress, affiliation, and emotional contagion.

. Author: Anders Pape Møller
Source: Mindship International Presentation-Paper,
Sexual Selection and the Biology of Beauty.

. Author: Geoffrey F. Miller
Source: G F MIller's Paper on Line,
A Review of Sexual Selection and Human Evolution: How Mate Choice shaped Human Nature.

. Authors: Bargh JA, Raymond P, Pryor JB, Strack F
Review: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1995 May;68(5):768-81
Attractiveness of the underling: an automatic power --> sex association and its consequences for sexual harassment and aggression.

. Author: Singh D
Review: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1995 Dec;69(6):1089-101
Female judgment of male attractiveness and desirability for relationships: role of waist-to-hip ratio and financial status.

. Authors: van de Vliert E, Euwema MC
Review: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1994 Apr;66(4):674-87
Agreeableness and activeness as components of conflict behaviors.

. Authors: John H. Krantz, Jody Scher, Jody Ballard
Source: Poster presented at the 1996 American Psychological Society Annual Convention
Laboratory and Internet Collected Judgments of Female Attractiveness are Similar and Different.

. Authors: Zebrowitz LA, Olson K, Hoffman K
Review: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1993 Mar;64(3):453-66
Stability of babyfaceness and attractiveness across the life span.

. Author: Ken Tittle
Source: Commentary based on his talk at a Mariposa Ministry Conference on Sexual Attractiveness and Physical Disabilities in Calexico, California, October, 1997
Disability and sexual Attractiveness

. Authors: D S Maisey
Review: The Lancet, May 1, 1999
Characteristics of male attractiveness for women.(Research Letters)

. Author: Myles Genest
Source: Web Abstract (in English and French)
The Underestimation of the Role of Physical Attractiveness in Dating Preferences: Ignorance or Taboo?

. Author: Bertram Malle
Source: Web Page in "Attitude and Social Behavior", fall 1996,
Attraction and Relationships

. Authors: J Grones, C DeBaldo,L Robertson, Lay Nah Tan, M Katt, J Hollingsworth
Review: Psychology of Gender, Spring 1998
The Implications of the Media's Influence Upon Adolescent Women and Appearance

. Author: Carol Salusso
Source: Web Page
Collection of abstracts on attractiveness

. Author: Singh, D. & Henss, R
Review: Submitted for publication, 1998,
Body weight, waist-to-hip ratio, and female physical attractiveness: A cross-cultural developmental study.

. Author: Henss, R
Review: Psychologische Beiträge, 1995, 37, 102-117
Misses Germany, Titelmädchen des Jahres, Playmate des Jahres usw. Zur Urteilerübereinstimmung bei öffentlichen Schönheitswettbewerben. (Misses Germany, Cover Girl of the Year, Playmate of the Year, and so on ... Consensus in public beauty contests and in psychological experiments).

. Authors: Henss, R
Book: In M. Hassebrauck & R. Niketta (Hrsg). Physische Attraktivität (Physical attractiveness). 1993 Göttingen: Hogrefe (pp.61-94)- Abstract
Kontexteffekte bei der Beurteilung der physischen Attraktivität. (Context effects in judgments of physical attractiveness).

. Author: Bill Thornton
Review: Sex Roles: A Journal of Research,March, 1999
Physical attractiveness contrast effect and the moderating influence of self-consciousness.

. Authors: Beate Striebel, Karl Grammer
Source: Web Poster
Movement Quality as Source of Information regarding Attractiveness and Personality

. Authors: Anthony Little, David Perrett
Source: First Science.Com Article
Do Women Prefer 'Manly' Faces?

. Authors: Lee Alan Dugatkin, Jean-Guy J. Godin
Source: Deukalion List Archive
How Females Choose Their Mates?

. Authors: Yela C, Sangrador JL
Review: Current Research in social Psychology, vol 6, n.5, feb 2001
Title: Perception of Psysical Attractiveness throughout loving Relationship

. Authors: Perlini AH, Marcello A, Hansen SD, Pudney W
Review: Social Behavior and Personality, 2001, 29(3), 277-288
The Effects of Male Age and Physical Appearance on Evaluations of Attractiveness, Social Desirability and Resourcefulness.

. Author: Cosbey S
Review: Social Behavior and Personality 2001 29 (3), 277-288
Clothing Interest, Clothing Satisfaction and Self Perceptions of Sociability, Emotional Stability, and Dominance

. Author: Brad Lemley
Discover, feb, 2000
Isn't She Lovely?(humans tend to attracted to symmetric beauty)

. Authors: Perlini AH, Hansen SD
Review: Social Behavior and Personality, 2001, 29(4), 313-322
Moderating Effects of Need for Cognition on Attractiveness Stereotyping

. Author: O'Grady KE
Review: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1982, Nov, 43(5):1064-71
Sex, physical attractiveness, and perceived risk for mental illness

. Authors: Grush JE, Clore GL, Costin F
Review: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1975, Nov, 32(5):783-9
Dissimilarity and attraction: when difference makes a difference

. Author: Pierce CA
Review: Social Behavior and Personality, 1996, 24 (2), 143-150
Body Height and Romantic Attraction: A Meta-Analytic Test of the Male-Taller Norm

. Authors: Pawlowski B, Dunbar RI, Lipowicz A
Review:Nature,13 Jan 2000, n. 403 (6766):156
Evolutionary fitness: tall men have more reproductive success

. Authors: Ian S. Penton-Voak and Others
Reviews: Different Journals
Jan S. Penton-Voak's Pubblications - Full Text in PDF

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