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4List of Articles (At this moment, most of them are still in Italian, but some
    paper has been translated in English):

hMarco Pacori: "When someone's scent becomes his visiting card": an
   experiment explains why we associate specific fragrances to a particular
   personality, age or profession,
tutto Scienze e Tecnologia (990)
   La Stampa
, n.244, anno 135 Now in English!
hMarco Pacori: "Gestures and Speech are inseparable": recent researches
    prove that if someone wants doing a fluent speech, has to gesticulate.

   tuttoscienze(958) La Stampa, n.16 Now in English!
hMarco Pacori: "What happens into the Brain when it is inventing": neuro-
    psychological bases of creativity,
tuttoscienze(942) La Stampa, n.249
Now in English!
hMarco Pacori: "Cholesterol and Violence": low concentrations of this lipid
   can  lead to suicide
, tuttoscienze(890) La Stampa, n.245
hMarco Pacori: "Wrote on Palm of our Hands": science of dermatoglyphic
   and fingerprint,
tuttoscienze (885) La Stampa, n. 133
hMarco Pacori: Eyes: a Window into our Soul": researches show a correla-
    tion of iris pigmentation on character,
tuttoscienze (877) La Stampa, n.       
   156 Now in English!
hMarco Pacori: Good Mood will do us good": character affects our immune   
tuttoscienze (872) La Stampa, n. 121
hMarco Pacori: "Sleep has a - thermostat -": to sleep well our body has to get
, tuttoscienze (866) La Stampa, n. 81
hMarco Pacori: Depression is bad for our Heart": melancholy has strong
    repercussion on our health
, tuttoscienze (855) La Stampa, n. 5
hMarco Pacori: Lips, Words of Silence": even when we don't talk, we let our
    mood and emotions out, 
tuttoscienze (841) La Stampa, n. 268 Now in

hMarco Pacori: Why We find so attractive tanned Skin": summer, sun and
    tan  enhance sexual arousal 
tuttoscienze (834) La Stampa, n. 220
    Now in English!
hMarco Pacori: "Hypnosis": a drive leading up to our unconscious
tuttoscienze(835) La Stampa, n.226 Now in English!
hMarco Pacori: "Communicating by our Feet" when her big toe has an
tuttoscienze (832) La Stampa, n. 206 Now in English!
hMarco Pacori: " a machine with treadles ...": may dreams warn us on
   personal and emotional dangers?
, tuttoscienze(825) La Stampa, n.157
hMarco Pacori: "All the Signal of Flirting": nonverbal signals of interest and,
tuttoscienze (818) La Stampa, n. 109
hMarco Pacori: "Born to be Shy ... but we can Recover from it": recent studies
    show that shyness has biological causes, 
Come Stai, n. 2, 2000, feb.
hMarco Pacori: "handshake: a way to greet each other which reveals many
    things about us":
when we shake with someone, we can know a lot of info on
    our interlocutor personality and about what kind of relationship he likes
,Salute & n. 8, year 2, 2001, august
hMarco Pacori: "Algebra of Psychoanalitic Interpretation": a tool to spot
    unconscious messages of sentences, 
Rapporti di, n. 6, 1990, June.
hMarco Pacori: "Site Articles": a collection of articles on nonverbal behavior
    published only on the site "Body Language/Linguaggio del Corpo".

hChiara Palmerini (Consultant: Marco Pacori): "Seduction": latest discovery
     on flirting and courtship
, Panorama, n.33 (1740);1999
hChiara Palmerini (consultant: Marco Pacori): "Seduction": box: ten nonverbal
    signals to understand if she (or he) likes to be approached by you,

    Panorama, n.33 (1740);1999
hFrancesca Capelli (Consultant: Marco Pacori):"Doomsday": the tricks of the
    trade to get through an examination or an interview,
Newton, n. 11 (150);
   1999, november
hPaola Emilia Cicerone (Consultant: Marco Pacori): "When You are flirting,
    are you a Buck or a Stork":
seduction: at what animal do you like?,
    Newton, n. 9, 2000, aug.
hErrica Dallara (Consultant: Marco Pacori): I flirt with You but helped by
    my Psychologist": A couse on secrets of flirting; Il Resto del Carlino, 2000,
    sept., 14

hDavid Givens ("E-commentary" edited by Marco Pacori) "Angular Distance":
Nonverbal Dictionary, 19/01/2000
hDavid Givens ("E-commentary" edited by Marco Pacori) "Facial Expression"
Nonverbal Dictionary, 26/05/2000
hDavid Givens ("E-commentary" edited by Marco Pacori) "Eye Contact":
Nonverbal Dictionary, 23/02/2000
hDavid Givens ("E-commentary" edited by Marco Pacori) "Tongue-Show":
Nonverbal Dictionary, 17/12/2000