The 14th generation - Kakunyu (1818 - 1980)

Born the eldest son of Seinyu, he graduated from the sculptural Department at Tokyo School of Art (present Tokyo University of Fine Arts). He succeeded as the 14th generation in 1945 at the end of the Second World War. The basic knowledge of modern art that he gained at Tokyo School af Art helped him to estabilish aunique style of his own, clearly distinguished from those of the past generations.
Taking the trimming method to the best advantage, as practiced by recent generations, is still valid in the work of Kakunyu. His trimming, however, is more precisely applied for the purpose of giving structural power to the composition of tea bowls, instead of being a spontaneous manifestation of the artist's feeling or intention at the time of application. Such a characteristic is found especially in his red Raku bowls. The variety of tone of his glazes, rich and vivid, is beautifully effective.
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