The 13th generation - Seinyu (1887 - 1944)

Born the eldest son of Kõnyu, he succeeded as the 13th generation in 1929. Seinyu's 57 years life time was certainly not the happiest, with the outbreak of two successive world wars. Particularly in his late years, he could not even find the charcoal for the kiln, so that he modelled tea bowls only to destroy them. His work was stylistically less varied and less individualistic, principally following teh traditional style of Raku tea bowls, reflecting his serious personality. Hes was an enthusiastic resercher on glazes, applying various minerals from different source in Japan for the experimentation of glazes. Despite the difficulty of teh period, however, he contribuited enormously to the understanding of the tea culture by publishing a reserch journal on the tea ceremony.
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