The 7th generation - Chõnyu (1714 - 1770)

Born the eldest son of Sanyu, he succeeded as the 7th generation il 1728 and assumed the name Chõnyu at his retirement in 1762.
His stylistic characteristics are less distinct, compared with those of the raku generations. In contrast to Sõnyu's unique reinterpretation of the Chõjirõ's style or Sanyu's original variation of form, Chõnyu's work is rather reserved. His tea bowls are uniformly large and have a modest appearence. he manifests his ability more in the sculptural objects. The ceramic figurine of Saint Nichiren placed in the Raku household Buddhist altar or an incense container in the shape of elephant, are some examples to show his bravura in the three-dimensional modelling realistically rendered.
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