The 5th generation - Sõnyu (1664 - 1716)

Born a son of Kariganeya Sanuemon and later adopted by Ichinyu. He succeeded as 5th generation in 1691. In 1708 he took the tonsure, assuming the retiring name of Sõnyu. His real father, Kariganeya Sanuemon was the youmgest brother of Ogata Sõken, whose sons, Ogata Kõrin and kenzan, were his cousins. Kõrin and Kenzan formed a unique, highly decorative style of paintings and ceramics called the 'Rinpa' school during the Genroku period that reached the height os social and political stability, being one of the most distinguished styles in the history of Japanese art.Nonetheless, Sõnyu pursued his creative inspiration more in non-decorative tea bowls of Chõjirõ in his effort of establishing his own style. His dry, matt black glaze, commonly known as kase glaze, is a proof of Sõnyu's inclination for the style of Chõjirõ. The shiny black glaze as newly developed since Dõnyu starts losing its luster yet again and the heavy, massive presence, as if it were a rusted iron mass, speaks clearly of the Sõnyu's aesthetic approach.
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