P/S Concordia

Type Steamer
Builder Cant.Odero, Sestri
Launched 1926
Rebuilt 1974 - 1977
Actual state In service
Lenght 53,77 mt
Breadth 12,30 mt
Draught 1,35 mt
Displacement 286,14 t
Tonnage 276,85 t
Seats 385
Standing 515 (limited to 315)
Covered seats 219
Restaurant seats 130
Total capacity 900 (limited to 600)
Crew 7
Builder Odero
Model steam
triple expansion engine
Unitary power 600 HP
Fuel Fuel oil
No.engines 1
Complexive power 600 HP
Type Paddle wheels
No. 2
Reversion Engine
Speed 23,40 kph
Medium fuel consumption 21,30 kg/km
Galley yes
Bar yes
Toilette(s) 3
Radar yes
Air conditionned no
Ticket office yes
Assisted rudder no
Dancing floor yes

Infos & Curiosities

• Built by Odero - Genova at Lariana dock of Dervio , she is launched in november 2nd as PS "28 Ottobre".

• After the fall of fascism, on july 25th 1943, District command of Como requires to president of Lariana Felice Baragiola the renaming of the steamer. Public opinion is interested too, both single citizens and local newspapers, asking the renaming into "25 Luglio", "Libertà" and similiar... in Bellagio there's a demonstration against the paddler. President Baragiola, states to rename the paddler into "Concordia". In the meanwhile twin PS "Savoia" is renamed PS "Patria".

• In late autumn 1944 part of the fleet is hidden to avoid air-attack by the anglo-american bombers. "Concordia" is moored in the channel between Isola Comacina and Ossuccio, in the place called "Zoca de l'oli", camouflaged with faked trees.

• The paddler is back to service in january 1945, and on 15th is attacked at Como Voo pier. Lucky there are no dead or injuried. The paddler is moored again at Zoca de l'Oli and re-camouflaged.

• In the post war period Lariana has a deep economical chrysis, due to war damages. However the Company makes some important improvements to the fleet. PS "Concordia" is back to service on april 17th 1950, with new fuel oil fires instead of the coal old ones. Removable windows are also applied, to enclose the main deck in the winter period.

• On august 21st 1952, after some years of debatements, Lariana is forced to leave her service. Governement Commissionary Management takes the main part of the fleet, PS "Concordia" included.

• On february 18th 1974 PS "Concordia" enters Tavernola dock for her complete renewal. after three years work she's back to service on june 25th 1977, deeply modified. The main alteration consists of the introduction of a covered veranda on the rear deck, but the rest of the structures are renewed too. Unfortunately the original elegant furnishing is completely removed, leaving poor naked steel walls.

• The rear deck veranda is not a good idea at all; when the paddler is lightly loaded, the wind on the veranda makes the stern of the steamer turning, causing continous route corrections.

• In early '90 the employment of steamers on lake of Como has a huge contraction: PS "Patria" is layed up, while PS "Concordia", habitually in service each sundays, is removed from line service and kept for private sailings only.

• In spring 1998 the cabin has been changed, fenders have been raised up, and the radar has been installed. Funnel has been decorated with blu lines and the Governement Management logo; bad choice estthetically, with no respondance to any larian tradition.

• During winter laying up of 1999/2000 the old iron chairs and tables have been changed with plastic new ones.

• In the last years the employing of the steamer has finally grown up. Since 2000 the steamer is advertised on sailings 20-45 at 12.00 from Como to Colico, back to Como at 18.35, each thursday of july and august..

• In winter 2001/02 the awful naked steel walls of the saloon have been covered by light plastic panels; better than before, but the hystorical value of the steamer would require more valuable materials.

• Back to service on Easter 2002, she's been on service each sunday until september, beyond the usual july and august thursday sailings; this grown employment have been really appreciated by the public, despite no avdertisement have been made by NLC.

• 2003 has been a magic year for "Concordia"; she's been on service each sunday from 15th march to 5th october, daily from 14th to 18th august, each thursday of july and august, and quite often on special sailings, private sailings; she's also carried some night sailings, such as "Spaghettello" cruise of friday evening from Como. For winter 2003-2004 the paddler will receive a complete overhaul.

• In winter 2003-04 she receive a complete overhaul, and the back covered veranda is renewed. On april 17th she's relaunched, on 20th she makes her first private sailing, while she's back to regular service on sunday may 9th on sailing 14-235 from Como to Colico.

• An intense season follows, with many private sailings and a regular service each sunday, plus the thursday sailing during july and august.



Paddle steamer "Concordia" leaves Villa Carlotta pier during a special sailing. (foto: Riccardo Suzzi, 25-04-2004)

• Paddle steamer "Concordia" leaves Como harbour to get back to Tavernola in the sun of a spring sunday evening. (foto: Riccardo Suzzi, 13-04-2003)
• An exceptionnel evening arrival in Colico for paddle steamer "Concordia", on special sailing for "Molo 14" associations. (foto: Marcello Baldrati, 01-05-2005)