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This is a section dedicated to Laura's drawings, some go as far back as 1985... In this section you will also find some notes I have jotted down while painting the pictures... You can also find Laura's works at Micio's Castello della Rosa, Galleria di Laura. Her works about Lady Oscar are available on Laura's Gallery on Little Corner.

Warning!!! The author is aware and has agreed to his drawings being posted on this site. So, before downloading these files, remember public use or posting them on other's sites is not allowed, least of all without permission! Just think of the hard work authors and webmasters do, and, please, for common courtesy and respect towards them, remember not to steal from them.

Attenzione!!! L'autore consapevole ed ha acconsentito a che le proprie opere fossero pubblicate su questo sito. Dunque, prima di scaricare questi file, ricordate che non consentito n il loro uso pubblico, n pubblicarli su di un altro sito, tanto pi senza permesso! Pensate al lavoro che gli autori ed i webmaster fanno e, quindi, per cortesia e rispetto verso di loro, non rubate.


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