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"- Andre!  My Andre!...  MY Andre??!"

There she sat in the dark alley, as her world crumbled around her, visions floating inside her head.  Fersen had said he loved her, yet all she could think about was Andre.  How she wished he was safe, by her side.  How she needed him by her side.

Suddenly, she heard a clamour coming from the street and she knew.

She could hear the frustration of the crowd as their prey was snatched away by no other but the "Queen's lover".

Composing herself, she stood up.


Oscar had been enjoying the past few days.  Although her company was on alert, she had decided to wait at the Jarjayes Mansion for her orders to come through for her troops to join the forces in Paris.

As it was, the King was in no hurry to dispatch another troop to add to the already solid military presence, unwilling to worry the people of Paris already concerned by the German and Austrian guards.

Andre had come as well, although she had been quite forceful with him, she had to admit to herself, teasing him about his "protective instincts" towards her.  But he had been only too happy to comply.

Naively, she had thought she could have gone back to the time "before the incident", but it was now painfully obvious that the dynamic of their relationship had been irrevocably changed.  Mutual trust had been broken and, ironically, while she had genuinely forgiven him, it was Andre who could not bring himself to trust his own reactions and was keeping his distance.

He would disappear nearly everyday now, regular as clockwork, in the hottest sun, galloping away from her.

When he came back, though, he would sport that same warm, contagious smile that would bring her back years ago to the same caring, mischievous Andre she had grown to know.

It was all those little things which picked her curiosity.

"- And after all, she thought, he is my subordinate and if we are to be called back to Paris in the hour, I shall have to know where he is at all times."

Thus she justified her decision, as she jumped on the white stallion already impatiently waiting, and followed the tracks left by a familiar horse.

As she spotted the familiar brown horse, she stopped her own, quickly hopped down and tied the reins to the closest branch then made her way to meet her companion.

She stopped abruptly, as she took in the scene before her eyes:  the river, truly, was astonishing, glistening in the lazy summer sun, clean and calm, surrounded by small bushes all more luxuriously green than the other.

Next to Andre's horse was a large tree, which projected some much needed shadow to the lush grass.

Oscar knew the place well, she had been swimming there herself.  She also knew the river was deep enough, yet its current gentle on this side.

In the water, Andre was bathing with abandon.  Oscar had always envied the insouciance in Andre's character, which allowed him now to splash like a young child, his head bobbing in and out of the water.  She could hear his distinctive laughter, a sound that warmed her heart as she had been deprived of it for what seemed an eternity, but which hurt her as well since he had chosen to enjoy those moments without her.

She stood there in silence, engrossed in the sight of HER old Andre.

Finally, as a sign, he decided to come out of the water.  Oscar blushed furiously.

"- Really, she told herself, what did you expect him to wear, bathing alone in the river... an armour?"

Still, she could not seem to move.  When she finally gathered the strength to tear away from the vision of that strong body, wet and shinning under the sun, she quickly joined her horse, jumped on and galloped back to the mansion as fast as she could.


It was then that the dreams started.

At first, she blamed the summer heat for her lack of sleep.  Then the night shirt she would usually wear seemed suddenly so thick and heavy on her, and she discarded the cotton clothing as she tried to bring herself to sleep one more time.

Naked under the sheets, she could feel the light touch of the wind coming trough the open window, on her whole body.  This was a new sensation.

Slowly, she started caressing her skin where she would feel the blow, and slowly her hand was reaching the tender skin of a breast, and she could feel the light wind on the tip.  Her hand started going over her small curve and rested against her nipple, a finger on each side.

Already exhilarated by the sensation, she started moving her fingers in time with her breath intake and her other hand started snaking down to her belly of its own volition, which she caressed shyly.

Was it that her breathing had become quicker, as her fingers were now teasing furiously, or that the feeling of a touch so badly needed on her hard nipple rendered her breathing so ragged?

She couldn't stop right then, and her other hand had now reached the source of her heat between her legs.  Instantly, she drew her knees up and caressed the small bud.  This sent bolts of electricity throughout her body and she moved furiously in time with the motion now.

Her fingers started creeping lower, then, towards her small virgin opening.  She was hopeless against the move.  She had never felt anything like it.  She never had had the desire to explore her pleasure like that.  This was denied to her... but then, why did it feel so good?

Her index slowly entered the welcoming heat, and she started drawing it in, and out, enthralled by the feelings the motion provided.  Another finger quickly joined its companion and the dance quickened its pace like she was possessed.

Suddenly, it wasn't her own fingers anymore, those were stronger, rougher, and they reached deep inside her, still.

She cried as she came.  She had never experienced anything like this.  She was well and truly gone, shocked at the realization that she knew those fingers, for she had observed them many time:  strong, callused hands.  Hands who worked hard, shoeing the horses, holding a sword... Andre's hands, in fact.

Then she realized what she must look like, the sheets at the foot of the bed, knees drawn up, thighs spread, one hand grasping a breast while the other still rested atop the soft wetness of her pubic hair, the room now smelling faintly of sex.

She got up in one fast and fluid motion, made up for her dresser, gathered the cotton shirt which lay there.

"- This HAS to be safer" She thought, as she put on the restrictive garment.

She went back to the bed, grabbed the sheets, rearranged them solidly, laid down and tried to get to sleep.

It was already daylight when she felt her eyelids grow heavy, her mind momentarily at rest.


The day was already well started when she emerged from her room.

Downstairs, she could hear the familiar sounds of hoofs.  She quickly dressed and went down the staircase then through the main room and through the door to find herself in the courtyard, staring at Andre who was standing there, visibly unimpressed, holding their two horses, ready to go.

"- Wh... what is that?  Did we receive orders to join our troops in Paris?" She quickly asked, startled.

"- What are you talking about, Oscar?  Don't you think I would have let you know first?  Not at all, you are just worrying too much, as usual.  You have been acting strangely for a few days, waking up late and... well... looking quite tired, but it is just that, today, you had promised that you would come with me for a ride...  I have been waiting for the most part of the day already, and I cannot really wait any longer as I promised Grandma I would deliver her parcel today.

- Is that all? Exclaimed Oscar with a small smile but great relief.  Well, I don't think I am feeling too good at the minute.  Maybe you should go to town straight away...

- Come on, Oscar!  You have slept most of the day, this isn't like you!  Andre said in a slightly lecturing tone.  Beside, I know this perfect spot by the river.  I am sure a cool bath would do you a world of good!

- A... cool bath?" Images of Andre's naked body started floating in her mind again, and she quickly turned around.

The last thing she heard, as she was running up the stairs two by two to her bedroom, her heart racing and her cheeks on fire, was the voice of Andre:

"- Truly, he snapped, I can't seem to be able to do anything to PLEASE you, these days!"



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