FILE001 Heart/Hertz, FILE002 Emme Tieda Mutta luulemme, FILE003 Harjoitus Kaksi, FILE004 Harjoitus Kolme, FILE005 Harjoitus Nelja, FILE006 Something About Duality Of Man, FILE007 Revelations Under Hypnosis, FILE008 Hypnosis Under Revelations, FILE009 Marching Towards Darkness, FILE010 This/Order, FILE011 Purificated By Rain, FILE012 Hertz/Heart.


"it has been like a journey to the total musical de-structuration, absence of those structures and forms that usually a musician should have easily caught; all files have been realised with instruments that allow the complete interaction and modification in real time. i think that the result in some file could be said 'jazzy', and all the work seems to me an interference between order and chaos"

massimiliano bocchio, the heart/hertz files


A journey to the total music de-structuration, an interference between order and kaos featuring the astonishing voice of William Burroughs used like an additional instrument declaiming vicious life rules... After several tapes and rare live experiences, this obscure duo from Alessandria (Italy) have assembled twelve files of deep music with an extremely balanced use of electronic sounds, literaly navigating through abstract concepts like 'inner necessity' (Kandinski), 'logical opposition of two forms' (Malevich) and 'the dead body of reality' (Gadda). Their logo is a scandivian preistoric carving from 12.000-7.000 b.C. supposed to be a shaman dancing in front of some believers. "... I investigated the eccence and the form. I captured images and moments. I lead myself to the sounding ocean."

review 1:

This is a journey through the deepest corners of your mind. It captures you and takes you to places you've never known you wanted to see. If your looking for melodious music with great vocals this is not for you. In this cd. there are no lyrics. It is designed for those deep thinkers for it serves as a gateway to other realms. Words would only distract you away from your inner visions. All the familiar musical structures fall away and this music is what remains. Very hypnotic, the heartbeat sound effects they used in some tracks were also very soothing ...

review 2:

I don't know where these sounds are from (though the band is from Italy), but Klange puts a space face on ambient in a fun way. Playful is not a word often associated with ambient (trance, whatever) music, but I can't really think of a better adjective. This music toys with your subconscious, daring you to dig deeper. And when you think you're at the center, there's something facing you that makes you laugh. Or something like that. This isn't music for the coffee achiever, obviously. But if you want to sit and contemplate reality for a while, Klange will help as well as anyone.

review 3:

Although licensed under Cleopatra's Hypnotic label from Minus Habens this album is anything but ambient. Electronic sound deconstruction might be a polite term or perhaps experimental electro mayhem. Whichever you perfer the music displayed here definitely qualifies as true industrial. The dependencies upon modern technology are ever present but the sounds produced and the tape loop vocal samples of such personalities as William S. Burroughs bring to mind the band on Industrial Records in the late seventies. Exactly the kindof music you'd expect to here when you're label mates include The Klinik and Dive. If your in the mood for progressive electronic industrial with overtones of the past get this album



Awakening, No Future, Sexual. T., Arabian Moon, Pulse, N. Trance, Sun Day, G. Love, Xenowheel, Hate Yourself, Subterranean Cafe', Hope, At Last!


"... it wasn't just a world where white was black and black was white; it was a world where colour depended on a personal point of view. there wasn't an objective reality on which to agree. It was his world, and he couldn't help it except run away."

james gunn, burning

"... as it could be expected, the december 1945 letters column was almost completely filled with letters about the bomb and the atomic energy. Campbell answered to a reader who hypothesized "we'll be on the moon before 1960" : "personally i think you are too cautions, in my opinion we'll reach the moon before 1950!" and to another reader he said: "first copy of Astounding on sale on the moon in 1955! i bet it !"

alva rogers, a requiem for astounding

"40 years later, we can't but ask ourselves what went wrong (...) we could find ourselves on the edge of a new middle ages, and a strong revolt against the science could be just a question of time. scientists like francis crick (nobel for biology 1962) expressed this kind of fears. "i believe that technology, big space programs and all the rest could became very expensive and very boring. the human kind, at a certain point, instead of venture in the outer space, could devote itself to the inner space exploration, maybe with the help of new drugs"

fabio feminò, gli scienzati maltrattati

"... a tribute to the space dream and to the oniric space ..."

massimiliano bocchio, time3/time2


In the beginning of '94 Massimiliano Bocchio (KLÄNGE's mind) has released 'The Hertz/Heart Files' CD on MINUS HABENS RECORDS, an elegant meander through the borderlines between dreamlike and technological melancholy. 'Time Cube In Time Square' is the second full length album from KLÄNGE confirming this projects as one of the most interesting electronic project coming from the day by day more prolific Italian panorama. "A tribute to the space dream and to the oneiric space." Massimiliano Bocchio use these simple words to emphasize the outer and inner space, respectively intended as physical extension of the human edges and voyage in the altered states of consciousness during the Rapid Eye Movement activity. KLÄNGE offers some of the most fresh and original sounds around. Each track reveals unexpected challenges and diversions. Singular sonic transmission hooking through its airwaves. An excursion through transfixing modular moodscapes both organic and electronic. It sounds like nothing else



Physical Chemistry Of Electrolytes, Tomorrow The World, Bubbles, Born Again, 1st Landing, The Hallmark Of The Positronic Robots, Nightdancer, Cryogenius, Heartz, Green Mars, 7th Planet, You Selected This Yourself, At Random, Space Cowboy.


'forse aveva bisogno di un'immensità della quale potesse immaginare le dimensioni o di percepirla come estasi invece che terrore ..'

k.s. robertson, green mars

'con molte precauzioni mi aggiro intorno alle profondità, per carpire loro qualche vertigine e poi svignarmela, come uno scroccone dell'abisso ..'

e.m.cioran, sillogismi dell'amarezza

'gli astronauti erano tutti celibi, poichè venivano addestrati ad esistere in totale indipendenza e solitudine ..'

w. burroughs, the job

'la sottile differenza tra gli spazi, l'insostituibilità di una carezza, l'ascesi della bassa gravità, la santità dei viaggiatori cosmici'

m. bocchio, green mars


Formed only 3 years ago, 2 full lenght CDs and several live experiences around Europe have put KLÄNGE at the forefront of cutting-edge ambience. Green Mars is their third album. It never ceases to amaze, as repeated listening again and again raise to the level consciousness, and it sounds piquant and full of unexpected revelations. And though we tend to fear the unknown, Massimiliano Bocchio offers solace as he takes you deeper into the endless depths of the perplexities of human existence. Twelve tracks in all to bounce you through the day. The space rhythms of '...Tomorrow the World' or 'Heartz' suggest infinite possibilities. With tracks featured alongside stars such as Cluster, Eno and Black Dog on compilations like Ambient Voids-Technicians Of Space or Ambient Ceremony, KLÄNGE will not only be appreciated by fans of the newer bands like the ORB and FSOL, but by fans of the original pioneers of the ambient genre.


Walking that fine line between techno and merely electronic-based music can be a hazardous road to travel, particularly if techno is not your goal. Regardless of what their goal is, Klange pulls it off brilliantly, never relying on those silly "tch-tch-tch-tch" drum beats which most people associate with electronic music. Rest assured, if yer butt's in the mood you can sure as hell dance to it, but the music itself is the key player here, not the need for a steady thumping 4/4 beat. If I could replicate half the textures which ooze their way through this hypnotic album, I would not be sitting here in my room in a stuffy basement writing reviews for people who can ...