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Welcome on the KAPPERS website

This is the homepage of the site with information on the surname Kappers. As far as we know there are eight different origins of the surname Kappers. Seven find their origin in The Netherlands in Europe and one comes from Prussia (today Poland or Germany). If your surname is Kappers or if you have additional information, we would be pleased to hear so from you by sending us an email.

Bert Kappers
René Kappers

Geneological research
René Kappers (1946) did an extended research on the Kappers families that have their origins in Heurne, near Aalten in the Netherlands. Most of the information on this site is the result of his accurate investigations carried out between 1970 and 1990. He published in 1990 the article Stamreeks Lensink alias Kappers. Van de Gelderse Achterhoek naar Zuid-Holland (in dutch) ....

DNA research
In 2008 the first year of the Dutch project "Genetic Genealogy" was completed. And with success, as was concluded. With this success an innovative research method was added to the genealogical research. It also became clear that this new method was important for a genealogy 'Kappers'. Two hitherto separate families 'Kappers' could with DNA research in 2008 finally be united to one family, stemming from 'Great Kappers'. The descendants of the 'Zeeland' Bernard Kappers were finally proven to be also descendants of Hendrick Kappers alias Lensink.
Read the article (only in Dutch yet)

Kappers on the internet
Looking for Kappers on the internet you find 969,000 pages. Many of them are related to barbershops in the Netherlands or in the dutch speaking part of Belgium (Vlaanderen). A barber is called "kapper" and the plural hairdressers is "kappers". But this meaning of the word kappers has nothing to do with the origins of the Kappers surname. Other pages with the word kappers tell about Kite Aerial Photographers who call themselves KAPpers. We made a short overview of some interesting facts on people with the Kappers surname found on the internet ....

Origin of the Kappers surname
For all people descending from the Kappers families of Aalten,the origin of their surname is probably the genitive of the name Kap: the property Kappers got the name of Kap, its first owner.
For the other Kappers families we still do not know the roots of their surname.

Other Kappers
Other than the five family trees we publish on this site, we suppose there are still other Kappers families: Kappers from Borculo (NL), Cappers from Brabant (NL), Koop Kappers (NL) and Kappers Ariens or Kappers Ariëns. In genealogical researches and other publications available on internet one can find several people with the surname Kappers born before 1900 that are not yet related to one of the family trees we published. We listed them on a separate page ....

Kappers everywhere
People with the surname Kappers live in many countries of the world. First of all in The Netherlands, followed by the United States of America, Indonesia, Canada and South Africa. But they are also in Germany, Sweden, Italy, Spain and Australia. Let us know if there are people named Kappers present in other countries ....

For reasons of privacy the links to pages with information on people born after 1900 are interrupted. All information on people born before the first of January 1900 are free accessible. For access to the other pages you can send us a motivated request ....

Kappers from Aalten
On this site you find many information on the families (genea-logies) (Great) Kappers and Little Kappers (Klein Kappers) from the hamlet Heurne municipality Aalten in the Dutch region Achterhoek, part of Gelderland. (Great) Kappers and Little Kappers are two genealogies that are related to each other (through the wifes of the first Kappers who were sisters) and that both come from the Kappers' land in Heurne where two farmsteads were at the place of the current Kappers Road. The histories of these two farmsteads are related with each other because the land of Klein Kappers has been cultivated for centuries by the farmers of Kappers. Great Kappers (as a name) started to be used after the existence of Little Kappers and has been used as such, but not frequently and not consequently. In the historical sources one reads mostly about "Kappers" and "Klein Kappers" (Little Kappers). On this site we follow this use ....

(Great) Kappers from Aalten
The history of this Kappers family and its family tree (geneagram) is quite completely represented on this site. The main contribution comes from René Kappers, co-author of this site, who is a descendant of this family. Other significant contributions have been received from xxx Kappers (Indonesia) and Kathryn Rauwerdink-Kappers (Wisconsin USA). Click on the pictures for more info.

Little Kappers from Aalten
The history of the Klein Kappers family starts at the Klein Kappers farm. This farm still exists in Aalten (see the picture on top of this page). People in the region of Aalten changed their surname when they moved to another farm. So did Jan Kempink (1703-1781) who changed his name into Jan Kappers. Bert Kappers, one of the co-authors of this site, is a descendent of this family. Click on the pictures for more info.

Kappers from Doesburg
In 1715 Gijsbert Kappers is born in Doesburg, a small city along the river IJssel in the Netherlands. Also born in Doesburg are Hendrikus Kappers (1760) and Willem Franciscus Kappers (1825). No relation has been found between them yet. Click on the pictures to know about them and their descendants.

Kappers from Harderwijk
In the eighteenth century the Kappers' surname started in the little city of Harderwijk in the Netherlands with Frerik Jan Kappers (born 1709), son of Jan Frederiks, born in 1680. We have set up a family tree (geneagram) with the help of Fred Kappers and others. Click on the pictures for more info.

Kappers from Prussia
About 150 years ago people with the surname Kappers emigrated from Prussia (today Poland or Germany) to Sheboygan (Wisconsin, USA). With this surname we find them in the documents of the census of 1860. Two possible origins of these Kappers have been found: one in Poland, a Mennonite comunity in the village of Matawi, and the other in Germany, a protestant comunity in the city of Essen. More information about the sources of our information and a start of a family tree can be found clicking on the pictures.

The Kappers road in Aalten
The picture on top of this page has been taken at the Kappers road in Aalten (the Netherlands). It shows the farmstead Little Kappers, origin of one of the Kappers families. Also the other Kappers farmstead (Great Kappers) was situated along the same road. In 1999 I made a picture of my self with my son and father in front of the road sign ....

The Kappers road in Budel
In the south of the Netherlands is another Kappers road in remembrance of Kees Kappers, member of the armed resistance during the second world war and murdered by the german SS on September 5, 1944 ....

About the author
My full name is Lambertus Johan Albert Kappers and I am born in 1956 in Sint Jacobi Parochie (the Netherlands) and I live with my wife and children in Rome (Italy). I call myself Bert Kappers (in Dutch) or Albert Kappers (in Italy). One of my hobbies is web design. For more info you can visit my personal home page ....

Please visit my guest book and write me your suggestion, greeting or ap-preciation. Or just read the reactions of other visitors of this site ....

The genealogical data that are published on this site are expressly intended for non-commercial and personal use to stimulate the exchange of information on eventual common ancestors. Under no circumstances the genealogical data published on this site may be reproduced or published by means of printing, photocopy, microfilm, or in any other way without the written consent of the authors. Also the distribution by CD-ROM, DVD, BBS or Internet is not allowed without the written consent of the authors.




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