Who Am I

I am Giovanni Beltrame, a.k.a. JumpJoe, a Computer Engineer. In truth I can be considered a real computer enthusiast, since I received my first computer (a Spectrum 48K) when I was only 5 years old. From that time I fell in love in technology and went through Computer Science and Engineering until my graduation at Politecnico di Milano. Now I work as a researcher (guess which field: Computer Engineering) at Cefriel, a research centre in Milan, Italy. While I still use and study computers, my interests have shifted to more physical matters: I am beginning to study (if I exclude my engineering background) the most scientific of all sciences, Physics.
I hope that in future I will be able to apply my computer skills to help in the study of physics, and for this reason I think I will apply for work at one of the Space Agencies around the world.

Putting aside work, and intellectual interests, I am a sincerely sporty fellow. My favorite sports are cycling and skating, and I think I could not live without these two means of transportation.