Webmin Modules

I am developing a couple of Webmin modules to use on my Router/Server. Since I did not find any similar module on the net, I thought it could be useful to share mine, just in case someone else needed their functionality. Installation is quite simple, just grab the package and install it as usual with webmin modules.


This module lets you create a set of accounts on different Dynamic DNS Service Providers. It then creates an ip-up script that will be called every time a new internet connection is started, thus updating all the DNS databases. This is quite useful if you have a dynamic IP connection, in particular it avoids writing a script for every provider you use. Several services are supported:

  • ZoneEdit
  • DynDns.org
  • CJB.net
  • DtDNS.net
  • DHS.org
  • DynoDNS
  • DynAccess
  • HammerNode
  • SelfHost
  • Storck.org
  • dyn.ee
  • The Art of DNS
  • NoIP.com
  • dns2go
  • DYNFLI4L.de
This module is for Webmin version 0.990 or higher. You can download the package here: Here are some screenshots:

Router Setup

Under development