Friends & Travel

I have been lucky, and always had a lot of friends. With these friends I had many wonderful experiences, including travel, holidays and weekly meetings. This pages are dedicated to them, and mostly consist in pictures taken in a large period of time.


I spend most of my free time with schoolmates from my High School, a long lasting friendship that is documented by the pictures you can find here.

In my holidays I have always been to Loano, a small town on the Riviera Ligure in Italy. In this beautiful town I met many people, some of which become some of my closest friends. Their pictures and some pictures of Loano can be found here.

The last group of friends is formed by my work colleagues at CEFRIEL, that you can find here.


In my life I did not do much travelling, but two trips I remember particularly. One is my Spain Bicycle Tour, a 880Km trip from Barcelona to Valencia, maybe the best holiday I have ever had. I started from Milan and returned in Loano 21 days later. The other important trip was the Chicago-New York one after my graduation at UIC (University of Illinois at Chicago). Six people (5 of which graduated) stuffed in a Toyota Sienna drove for 3000 Km in six days. It was a wonderful experience, during which I had a way to know the American culture and some of USA most famous places.