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Welcome to All dear collectors,

Just a few words to introduce my self.

Who am I ?

I'm a collector of World Coins like you.

My specialty is FAO coins collection.

All types, years and metals but only uncirculated.

What can I do for you ?

I can offer coins from the World, specially about FAO from my double coins.

I've got in my stock a lot of very interesting FAO coins.

Please, see my Double-List.

Look ! - Double-List

I also have a lot of World coins just listed now and you can see them clicking here. World coins list in txt file format
A lot of other coins will be listed soon, so that, check on my Web site often.

What can you do for me ?

You can offer World FAO coins I'm looking for.

Please, see my Want-List.

Help me ! - Want-List

World FAO Coins Book

The standard reference for all FAO coins

The most complete source about FAO coins, with over 1,600 coins listed and over 1,500 b/w pictures about all types.

Please, click here if you want to see some pictures!

Are you interested in ?

Please, ask me information by E-mail !

Thanks for your interest.

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