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Welcome to the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum page. This page is the result of my personal experiences during trips to Japan in 2002 and 2005. The scope of this page is to give useful information to people that want to visit the Museum while making a vacation in Japan.

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What is it?

The Museum, opened in 1994, celebrates the god of manga Osamu Tezuka. Attractions includes the screening of short films, the exhibition on Tezuka's life and work (with original art), the Manga Library, where you can sit down and read as many Tezuka's work as you have time (some foreign editions are also present), the Animation Retrieval Machine, the reproduction of Tezuka's Studio, and the Animation Workshop, where you can try to become an animator.
The building itself is interesting, with its castle-like shape and a tower covered by a glass dome, evocative of Tezuka's posthumously-published work, Our Earth of Glass.

In the permanent exhibition section, you can see a series of showcases that tell the story of Tezuka using texts, photos, objects and original drawings.

Translation of the museum name

Takarazuka logo Tezuka Osamu kinenkan
(Takarazuka logo) Tezuka Osamu kinenkan
Takarazuka's Tezuka Osamu Memorial Hall

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Where is it?

The Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum
7-65, Mukogawa-cho, Takarazuka, Japan
phone 0797-812970
fax 0797-813660
Official Website

A little divagation

The Museum is in Takarazuka, where Tezuka was raised. That city, located about 20 km northwest of Osaka, is important also for its hot springs, and for the Takarazuka Grand Theatre, where performances of the theatrical genre that takes its name from the city itself take place. Those shows involves only women, even in male roles, and are generally musical comedies. Takarazuka was founded in the city of the same name in 1913 by Kobayashi Ichizo, the president of Hankyu Railways.
Famous mangaka Rumiko Takahashi wrote a short story about the Takarazuka Theatre; you can find it in the 1 or W book.

If you are planning a visit to the Tezuka Museum, hopefully you are in the the Kansai region (that surrounds Kyoto and Osaka), so make sure you visit also the Kyoto International Manga Museum and some other interesting spots about Tezuka located in the Kyoto station, see home page for details.

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9:30am ~ 5:00pm
Between July 20th and August 31st, open until 7:00pm.
Admissions are allowed until 30 minutes before closing.
Closed on Wednesdays (it will be open if a national holiday falls on Wednesday).
Closed between February 21st and the end of the month and between December 29th and December 31st.

Depending on the year special holidays, there can be extraordinary closings and openings; details can be found in any of the following pages.

Updated english pages are not available, but it's possible to translate the original ones using Google:

Admission Fees

  individual group member(*)
Adult Yen 500 Yen 400
Student Yen 300 Yen 240
Child Yen 100 Yen 80
(*)group = 30 or more

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How can I get there?

Hankyu logo
Takarazuka is on the Hankyu railways Takarazuka Line; from Osaka (departures are from Hankyu Umeda station) the fastest train takes 34 minutes and costs 270 Yen.

JR East
Takarazuka is on the JR Takarazuka Line. The train from Osaka takes from 25 (rapid service) to 35 minutes (local service) and costs 320 Yen. There are also LEX (limited express) trains called Kitakinki, that takes 21 minutes and allow to reserve a seat for additional 1140 Yen.

If arriving at JR Takarazuka station, go to the Hankyu terminus and department store, that is on the other side of the street (if arriving with Hankyu Railways, you're already there), then exit and walk on the Hana no michi (Flower Avenue). At the end there is a crossing; follow the right street and you'll arrive at the Museum.
NOTE: at the Hankyu department store there is a tourist office; look at the desk: there should be some english Tezuka Museum pamphlet (with map).

Takarazuka map

For planning your train travel, try to use the excellent Hyperdia service. Please read here to get some suggestions on how to use that service at best.


Please note that the information above was collected during summer 2002 and updated on summer 2004, so prices and availability may not be the same as the time of your visit. With your collaboration (contact me), I can keep this page updated.


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