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This mini-site collects information about japanese museums and other sites related to the world of manga and anime. The site is the result of my personal experiences during travels to Japan from 2002 to 2007.

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Ghibli Museum logo Ghibli Museum, Mitaka. See my Ghibli Museum page for details.
Tezuka museum logo Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum, Takarazuka. See my Tezuka Museum page for details.
Mandarake logo Mandarake. See my Mandarake page for details.
Kyoto International Manga Museum logo Kyoto International Manga Museum, Kyoto. Opened in 2006, it is an interesting museum that allows to discover some aspects of the manga art and industry. During the year, temporary exhibitions along with entertaining activities are held. Every wall in the building's corridors hosts bookshelfs with thousands of tankobon: you can search for a particular volume using a computerized retrieval system (usable also by non-japanese people). The volumes can be held and read as long as you like, but only inside the museum area. In the underground you can see through a glass the atmosphere controlled caveau where really rare volumes are held. As usual, also the building itself is interesting, being an ancient school restored. In a former classroom there is the history of the school, with touching photos of pre-war age. See the Official website for details.
JR Kyoto station The awesome Kyoto Station building hosts some interesting spots about Osamu Tezuka: the Tezuka Osamu World, a little museum with a shop and a theatre that features short movies; the Phoenix Water Clock, that plays lights and tunes at every hour; the signposts in front of the station, that are topped with Tezuka's characters. A few photos here.
Akiba logo The Akihabara district, in Tokyo, is completely filled with just two kind of shops: (1)manga, anime, figurines, etc. (2)PC, videogames, all sort of electronic goods. It is a unique place in the world, and the otaku's paradise. Even non-otakus must visit it, possibly on sunday, when all shops are open and the entire district is closed to the cars. On sunday it is most likely to see maids that promote maid cafés, young idols singing on the streets and people cosplaying.... Learn more on Japan Guide and Wikipedia.
Comiket logo Comiket. It is Japan's most famous self-published and amateur comics convention. It is held twice a year, in summer and winter, at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center (located on the Odaiba artificial island, in Tokyo bay). Even if you are not in Tokyo at the convention dates, the building is worth a visit, being quite a symbol of manga passion (and otakuness). If you know the Genshiken manga or anime you can understand better what I'm talking about... See Comiket and Tokyo Big Sight on Wikipedia for details.

Other Cool Places

Here is a list of other places more or less related to manga and anime, but that I've still not visited them.

Japan Photo Albums

Photo album - summer 2005/2007 I've selected some photos of my travels to Japan in this album. It's a work in progress, so maybe I will add more photos. Please note that it's not an exhaustive selection: there are quite few photos of famous places, like temples or shrines, because I wanted to focus on oddities and funny things. By now, descriptions are in Italian only, sorry!

Thanks to Cla,Fab,Gerumana,Mc,Nick,Tichan.
Photo album - winter 2009/2010 New Year 2010 in Tokyo!. More oddities, this time during winter! As my laziness continues, description are in Italian only ^_^

Thanks to Mc.


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