The Seychellois





























History:  A new breed created in England in the 1980s  The coat s white with splashes of color. There are both short-haired and long-haired versions. The eyes are blue. The markings are of three types:
1. white with a colored tail, and large patches of color on the head, body and legs;
2. white with a colored tail, and small patches of color on the head and legs;
3. almost entirely white, with a colored tail and only small patches of color on the head.
While reading reports on cat gene surveys in the late 1970s Patricia Turner of the Scintilia cattery in Milton Keynes, England, became inspired by a wish to re-create the coat patterns reported by Professor Paul jaffe in his study of the cats of the Seychelles. This became possible in 1984 when she acquired two Persian cats - both tortie and white - which became the foundation cats of the new breed. One stayed at the Scintilla cattery and the other went to Julie Smith's Dovetrees cattery. As the generation numbers advanced the breeding programme evolved towards a Seychellespatterned cat of Orlental body type and Siamese blue eyes. The foundation females were Patricia Turner's Snowdrop Gentle Pedilase and Julie Smith's Dovetrees Tarantella and the foundation males were Scintilla Pastelle Royale and Champion Scintilla Caramellian of jamais. Both males were Siamese. Progeny from matings between these four cats were backcrossed to Siamese and Oriental mates and their progeny were mated like to like to achieve the Seychelles coat pattern. The programme is still continuing and in some lines the fifth generation has been reached. The first Seychellespatterned cats in the programme were Scintilla Félicité, Scintilla Amirante, Scintilia Victoria and Scintilla Thérése. Fécilité and Victoria were the first of the breed to be exhibited In 1989 the Seychellois Cat Society was formed with a founder membership of Derek and Pauline Parsons of the Shalimar cattery, Maureen Trompetto of the Lincret cattery, John Mais of the jamais cattery, Shirley Mizon of the Zelstone cattery and Patricia Turner. Current emphasis upon the breeding of variants by mating back to Siamese in order to improve type rather than on breeding larger numbers of cats eligible for the show bench. Variants are cats of Seychellois breeding but with too much colour for the Seychelles patterns                   

Colours: White with any colour or combination of solid colours: see Colours

Patterns: Mainly white with coloured dashes and splashes of colour occurring randomly on the head, legs and body but always with coloured tails. The patterns are defined as Seychellois Septiéme (relatively)

Character: They are extremely intelligent, curious and loving. Their behavior and loyalty often resembles what most people expect of a dog more than a cat, as they follow their owners about, sleeping outside of the door of any room you occupy, that they cannot enter, and amusing themselves with a toy until they can once again be on your lap. Agile, swift, muscular and extremely intelligent, they love to play fetch or to make up other games. They get along easily with other cats and with dogs and yet are independent enough to adjust to periods of being alone. While they still 'talk' , their voices are far softer and they speak only when they have something they feel is important to say. As such, they grow up to make delightful 'watch-cats' often alerting their family when strangers approach or when something seems 'wrong'. They are very alert to their owners and surroundings, but not a hyperactive cat. Rather, they maintain an easy balance of playing and napping depending on the circumstances. Personality: athletic, scatter-brained, demanding and demonstrative


Breeder: Yves Lanceau